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Cyberselves - teleporting humans into robots

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The lowdown on Cyberselves, the Sheffield-based startup that enables users to see, hear and feel through a robotic surrogate anywhere in the world.

cyberselves Pepper at BBC-b2ed94.jThe singularity is, among other things, when humans transcend our biological limits, merging with machines to defy our natural abilities, illnesses, and lifetimes to become something else! 

Granted, controlling a machine from a distance probably wasn’t quite what Von Neumann, Vinge, and Kurzweil were thinking of when they wrote about it, but still… We have surgeons performing emergency surgery via robots while they are on the other side of the world, we have billionaires putting chips in our brains so we can turn the TV on and off by thinking about it, and we have today’s startup.

Sheffield-based robotics startup Cyberselves allows users to see, hear, and act through a robotic surrogate anywhere in the world. 

Using a cloud-based, low-latency communications platform they call Animus, the user’s gestures are reflected by the robot in almost real-time, allowing for greater control over delicate operations such as aforementioned surgeries, space-based maintenance, or even bomb disposal. Remote control can also provide new ways of addressing social exclusion and isolation, increase the ways in which children with learning difficulties can be helped (and more dynamically and flexibly), and even simply give people a surrogate for meetings or conferences to which they can’t travel physically. Okay, it might not exactly be the singularity, but the applications are wide-ranging and stand to be significantly life-improving. 

cyberselves logoIn December, Cyberselves reached the finals of the ANA Avatar XPRIZE global robotics competition. The $10 million competition is ‘a four-year global competition focused on the development of an avatar system that will deploy a human’s senses, actions, and presence to a remote location in real-time, leading to a more connected world’. The startup is one of only 2 from the UK to make it to the finals, which will be held in Autumn 2022. 

This comes on the heels of their being awarded funding for 2 projects managed by the MOD’s Defence and Security Accelerator: TEL-E3, which integrates UGVs with immersive control and haptic feedback; and TEL-SUBSEA, which is developing telexistence technologies for underwater ROVs.



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Published on: 22nd December 2021

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