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Crowdspeaking with Thunderclap- Take social media by storm!

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Crowdspeaking with Thunderclap- Take social media by storm!

You might say that social media's usefulness has become a victim of its own success - it is so easy to say crowdspeakingsomething that it is increasingly difficult to make your voice stand out from the crowd. It is also a challenge to tread the line between useful, informative, interesting publicity and just plain spamming - the last thing you want to do is annoy people!

Last week we did a feature on an inventive startup called Phonebloks which has been making the most of a growing movement known as crowdspeaking through the platform Thunderclap which seeks to amplify and maximize the exposure of your message across social media. All sounds very intriguing, here is what it is all about.

What is Crowdspeaking?

It operates in much the same way as crowdfunding but rather than donating money, visitors can register their support for a product, service, charity, social movement etc. When a pre-agreed number of people have registered, Thunderclap will blast out a timed Facebook post or tweet from all its supporters creating a wave of interest. It’s a great way for startups to spread the word about their business by vastly increasing the reach of their social media presence, but also it provides a great opportunity for them to demonstrate to the big industry players that there is an interest in and need for their particular product or service.

What is Thunderclap?

Thunderclap was the first platform on the crowdspeaking scene, it offers a simple and straightforward way for thunderclapyou to craft your message, arrange a date and time which will have the most impact and set the level of support you wish to have before the message goes out.

What has most impressed us is that Thunderclap is not merely a mass mail shot for new products and services but rather caters for a huge range of issues including charities, social activism campaigns and political petitions. But most importantly the level of exposure that a product, idea or movement is given is dictated by how interesting it is, so you needn't fear being bombarded by tweets or Facebook posts which are of no interest to you.

I must admit that when I first chanced upon crowdspeaking I shuddered to my very core... yet another way to be spammed...but I am glad to report my initial cynicism turned swiftly to intrigue on exploration of the Thunderclap web page. There are some really innovative and ingenious ideas floating around that you can’t help but be inspired by, so if nothing else it’s a great way to spend half an hour online.

Why not check out the Thunderclap page to show your support and learn more about this growing movement?

"Crowdspoken by Eoin O'Hara"

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Published on: 1st October 2013

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