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Construction Projects - why hiring equipment might be a better option

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Planning a construction project for your business? Here are a few reasons why it might be better to hire equipment rather than purchase...

If you’re planning a construction project for your business, perhaps a new office building or an extension to your factory, there are lots of factors to consider. Here, we take a look at why hiring equipment for your project might be the best option and, in particular, cranes.

pexels 532079Cranes are used on a variety of different work and construction sites because they are built to lift extremely heavy amounts of weight. There are a multitude of reasons why you might want to consider hiring a crane, instead of purchasing one. Here are just four of them.

To Save Time

If your project has tight time constraints, hiring a crane can make the removal and movement of materials much quicker. Cranes can allow your workforce to get on with the actual construction jobs that otherwise would have been slowed down by having to move materials and waste beforehand.

Lack of Funds

Your business may not have the capital or funding to purchase a crane outright, and it might not make much financial sense to spend money on a crane that you are only ever going to use for one job. In these circumstances, it is better to hire a crane for the period of time that you are working on a construction job. Additionally, hiring a crane means that you don’t have to fork out any money for maintenance and insurance costs, since these are usually included within the amount you pay to hire the crane.

You Need More Than One

pexels 544971By assessing the project, you may realise that you need several different cranes, or just one. When deciding what cranes you may need, take note of the weight of materials you are moving and the size of the construction site to see whether the crane can fit into the space. If your company doesn’t already own a crane, or has one which is unsuitable for a construction job, you should hire the relevant cranes that are needed. This allows you to use the best cranes for the job, because you aren’t limited to just the one that you own. This can increase productivity and maintain motivation amongst your workforce too, as they aren’t forced to use equipment that is slowing them down because they have to do extra work.


Since you are hiring a crane from a company, you can be safe in the knowledge that the crane has been professionally checked by experts before allowing you to rent the equipment. A rented crane should be in accordance with safety standards. This can push the liability towards the rental company, rather than you as an employer who might not know how best to maintain and look after a crane. This can help ensure that your staff are kept as safe as possible when using the crane. Localised hiring from the likes of KWIK Logistics, who offer crane hire Perth might be a good option if based in Australia.

There are plenty of things to consider before hiring a crane, but it is certainly the better option if you are a contractor and know that you will not need to use a crane very often in the future. Even if you do use cranes regularly, hiring a crane gives you the flexibility to choose the best crane for the job, and will save you money in the long run.

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Published on: 29th September 2020

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