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Cluttr - housesharing without the stress

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Cluttr - The innovative app that enables house-sharers to manage bills, chores and shopping in a Cluttrmuch easier way.

Taking the stress out of keeping a chore rota in a shared household.

House sharing always seems like a good idea to begin with. You’ll save money and spend more time with your chums, having a grand old time, as we young people say. But then the realities of day to day household things set in....

The dishes pile up in the sink, the bin starts to overflow, the electricity goes off because everyone thought someone else would pay the bill, and then the landlord comes knocking. The image conjured by the idea of house sharing will undoubtedly include passive aggressive Post-it notes plastered all over the place, being pointedly ignored, and no one wants to be that person in the first place.

So, is there a phone-based solution of some kind, you ask.

We’re glad you asked. Cluttr is an early-stage startup App designed to help keep household feuds to a minimum.

cluttr screenEasily create chores on the app, add your housemates, set a rotation, and buy fewer Post-its. The app notifies you when it’s your turn to wash the dishes or clean the bathroom or pay the bills, leaving no room for complaints that it’s not your turn yet.

The app is for more than chores, though. Cluttr

It can be used to keep track of who owes money to whom; to create shopping lists and assign people to them; and to create other kinds of lists, such as recipes, complete with tickable checklist of ingredients and footer notes to explain the process.

Cluttr very recently became the first startup at the University of Southampton’s Dragon’s Den style pitch event to receive unanimous backing from investors and the resulting £50,000 investment.

The app is available for Apple and Android devices for free, and for the sake of making house sharing less of a chore and preventing arguments, that seems like a pretty good price to us.

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Published on: 20th May 2018

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