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Chin up for the upward journey

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by Startacus Admin

In the last of her series of guest posts for Startacus Diana Hallare reflects on her journey so far and some handy pointers to keep us all going through the ups and downs of starting your startup...

Even though I have not gotten clients yet at the time of writing this, I am still grateful for having tried and optimistic for what can happen next. Last year, I introduced the concept of Cytoleadership (the way startup human cells act like real leaders, including collaborating, communicating, and creating solutions), which may echo biomimicry. During these past few weeks, I got a few leads for paid public speaking rather related to Cytoleadership. So I am considering to link this opportunity with my Daughterhood Coach startup.

Now onto my other reflections for the week: “Startup” has two main words, and one of them is “up.”

I believe three things can bring any business on an upward path:

  1. Update your audience with news via social media, your website, word of mouth, and so on… You may also consider to upload your latest business-related pictures.

  2. Uplift the spirit within your team, including you. Be optimistic and remember gratitude.

  3. Uphold the values and ideals that inspired you to start your business. Don’t give up.

Have you ever watched the Disney animation, “Up”? If not, I highly recommend it. At least three lessons can be derived from this, too.

  1. Imagination – Use this to create solutions and to enjoy writing, storytelling, reading, or other creative activities.

  2. Inspiration – In “Up,” the older protagonist is driven by his love for his late wife and their old dream. Similarly, inspiration and motivation do help to garner achievement or to live/accomplish the mission.

  3. Innovation – The house with balloons is a powerful symbol of innovation. You can “stand on the shoulders of giants” and “not reinvent the wheel.” Even Leonardo da Vinci and many inventors had models to improve upon: the airplane was inspired by birds’ flight, for instance.

I look forward to working more as the Daughterhood Coach despite the challenges. Isn’t an uphill climb harder than going downhill or walking on a plain anyway?

Hopefully, we all keep our projects with our chins up, not in selfish pride, but with some dignity, optimism, and positivity. If we keep our chins up, then we are more able to find opportunities and appreciate the beauty around us, from the teamwork to the traveling (if necessary) involved. If we keep our chins up, then it is easier for us to see what needs to be changed and to believe that we can make a difference. Finally, if we keep our chins up, the potential for success continues to bloom within us and radiate from us.

Therefore, I encourage you: keep your chin up with a smile.

Last week Diana wrote Tips on Considering the core values of your startup and feel free to read this post too! Cheers Diana for writing for Startacus and appreciate the support you have given us too! If you too would like to write a series of posts for Startacus check out this handy link too Startups wanted to tell their tale

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Published on: 6th July 2013

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