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Building a strong foundation for your startup journey via education

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How uni can be of real benefit if you're planning to build a startup...

people coffee notesMany successful startups are founded by people who have not followed the traditional educational route. Having a degree is not a requirement for becoming a successful entrepreneur. However, for some people, going through college and graduate school is still the best route.
It provides them with a structured way to build the skills they need to turn their ideas into reality. During graduate placement, they gain hands-on experience. Plus, there are plenty of chances to build a strong network. If you want to take the educational route, the  

Get into the right graduate school

Once you have secured your degree the next step could be starting work on your project or going to graduate school. If you decide to do that, click here to find out more about how to put together an application that will impress. It is important to get into the graduate school of your choice.

Keep your eye on your long-term goals

You need to look for somewhere that will provide you ways to build your knowledge of your chosen field in ways that will benefit you the most. Most people find that the connections they make in grad school are the ones that enable them to make the most progress in their careers.
Study the research and training opportunities that are on offer carefully. You want to be sure that you are going to be able to build new skills that are relevant to your long-term goals while studying.

Get involved and network

pexels 2566581Most grad schools provide their students with a range of opportunities. There are plenty of clubs and special projects you can get involved in. This will help you to network, build up your interpersonal skills and learn how to influence others.
You can find out how to become an effective networker by reading this. It is not enough to simply be active within the community. You need to make real, long-term connections with people. That article explains how to do that.

Don’t overstretch yourself

But, be careful to keep a good work/study/life balance. It is all too easy to over-commit without realizing you are doing so. You do not want your mental, physical and emotional health to suffer. Being an entrepreneur is taxing, especially in the early years when you are trying to get your business going.

Live within your means
It is very hard for students to work enough to leave graduate school without debts. But, you need to pay particular attention to this if you are planning to start a business. It will be much harder for you to raise capital if you do not have a good credit rating. A high level of debt can end up closing off all kinds of entrepreneurial avenues. This in-depth article explains how you can live within your means while at grad school without having to go without too many things.


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Published on: 19th March 2020

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