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Briiv - unlocking the power of plants

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Briiv story

We take a look at the Yorkshire-based startup Briiv, that has created a new type of air purifier, inspired by nature and powered by Nanotechnology...

briiv logoBreathing is quite good, most of us would agree. Some might go so far as to say that breathing is important for our health. Having nice, clean air in your home or office is a good starting place for breathing well, especially during these times of lockdown, when we may be sitting in the same room not just all day, but every day and every night. 

Air quality can contribute to not only respiratory conditions, but also sleep and cognitive function. Particles that you ideally should not be breathing in are released whenever you cook, light a fire or even candle, stroke the dog or cat, or disturb the mold colony that’s been growing in the coffee mug you misplaced last year. So how do we clean up our air?

The most obvious solution, and one that most people know about, is to keep plenty of plants around the house. But Yorkshire-born startup Briiv has developed an air purifier that they say does the work of 3,043 house plants. 

briiv bannerBriiv is a deceptively simple glass cylinder with layers of moss, coconut, activated carbon, and wool to filter harmful particulates, gasses, molds and bacteria, and pollen and allergens out of the air. Because these filters are plastic free and 100% organic, natural materials, the whole of the inner workings is biodegradable. Even the small amount of plastic that is present in the casing is sustainable ‘bio-plastic’, made of elephant grass and potato starch, and can also break down into its natural components.

Briiv does use electricity, but very low power and cost-effectively. There is no watering required, and setup of the terrarium-esque purifier is quick and simple. While low-tech, it is technically a smart product and therefore comes with optional integration with smart speakers and your smartphone (a term that’s already painfully dated at this point) for some additional functionality and options.

Briiv will start shipping in early 2021, and we look forward to placing one right where our spider plant can look upon it with shame and a sense of inadequacy.





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Published on: 18th October 2020

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