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Blogging - Basic Tips on how to start blogging successfully...

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Blogging - Basic Tips on how to start blogging successfully...

I knew people ‘blogged’, but I did not realise the power that blog sites like Wordpress have in spreading the word of the....word. Just today** 434,558 bloggers, addedblogging 1,224,027 new posts, with 316,989,987 words....Wow! Now don't get me wrong, not everyone who 'blogs' cares too much about who reads their posts, blogging to some is just an online place to express their thoughts and creativity.

However for those of us who blog and want to make sure our audience is reached, standing out in this blogging enormity can be tough. Twelve months into blogging, I am still finding my feet, and while the words now flow pretty easily, the success of some of my posts, can still be rather hit or miss. With this in mind, check out below some handy beginners tips on how to start blogging, and to start blogging successfully....

Write about Something you know
It is not to say you have to be an expert in a subject, but the theme of your blog should be related to you as a person. TheEmployable our other platform, was born from both Co-Writers having a combined 15 years experience in commercial recruitment. That is not to say that we were experts in every aspect of HR, but we knew the ins and outs of the subject we aimed to write about. If you know little about your chosen subject, at least, admit in your blog title that this is the; “A beginner's journey to blogging” (or something perhaps a little more catchy!)

Write about Something you Love or Hate
Blogging needs to bring out the passion! No not ‘50 shades’, or anything like that, but you need to get passionate about the subject you blog about, to stand out! Without researching this, I can imagine there are thousands of bloggers writing about fashion, clothes, saving money, etc etc, but the ones that work, will be the ones that make a real point, get you thinking, or get you feeling.

Write all the Time!
I personally hate going onto a blog and finding out that the person has written 4 blog posts in the last 5 months. To me, it means that the person is not that bothered about what they are writing about. Perhaps, this is unfair, but to me, you need to demonstrate that you like writing, and often, to attract an audience. Also, if you intend for your blog to be more than just a personal diary, you need to write all the time, to get people to follow you and to want to read what you have to say.

Spread the Word!
If you write 500 words, and great words at that, and expect those words to be read by millions, you are most probably mistaken. People need to find your words, to read them in the first place. Hence use all methods of social media at your disposal to let people know that your new article is live. This article will be shared via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and possibly other platforms such as, reddit, ezinearticles....the list goes on. Imagine your piece of literary excellence is like a physical newspaper article; selling it in one shop will get you a few readers, distributing it via many different shops and stores, will mean at least your article has the chance to shine.

Clever Titles don’t always go down well!
When we starting blogging on TheEmployable, we really had some cracking article titles. However, as our articles are measured by how much audience reach they get (unless you don’t care if they are read or not) great titles are great, but they are not so ‘great’ if they miss the audience you are trying to attract. Search Engines, like to pick up on keywords or phrases that ‘sign post’ what an article is about. An abstract article title, as great as it may sound, will probably do very little for how people find it online. Imagine your blog-title, is like a shop on the High Street and that you are blogging about fashion. If your ‘shop’ is called ‘Sarah Smith gets colourful about Trousers’ compared to “The Best Coloured Trousers” you may on the high street, end up walking into both. However when people ‘search’ online, there is little chance someone will search specifically for ‘Sarah Smith and trousers’, or ‘Colourful with Trousers’, but there is a greater chance they will search for ‘best coloured trousers’, and hence a greater chance that your articles will be found!

These are just a few points on how to start blogging successfully, and the list goes on, perhaps you can comment in the forum any blogging tips you have picked up on, that you would like to share with the rest of us...


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Published on: 12th July 2012

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