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BleepBleeps - the tech parenting brand

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BleepBleeps - The lowdown on the startup that's creating innovative connected products to make the art of parenting easier!

bleepbleep logoRaising children is like a very good analogy for something difficult. They need food and drink and clothes and you have to talk to them and be nice and it’s exhausting. Getting the little angels to do do what they’re supposed to - like sleep or brush their teeth - is like wrangling mongooses, which we’ve never tried but can only assume would be as difficult as making children sleep.

Until we have proper robot butlers who can look after our children and let us ignore them until they can hold an interesting conversation, we have to rely on other tools to help make parenting easier. Enter our next startup.

London-based startup BleepBleeps creates cute, connected devices to help with the everyday chore delight of teaching children the basics of being people. As well as their smart, musical toothbrush and their movement sensing smart alarm - presumably to place in front of the snacks cupboard - BleepBleeps’ main product is Suzy Snooze.

bleepbleeps screenSuzy Snooze is a smart ‘sleep machine’ designed to help children develop a good sleep routine - getting to sleep, sleeping through the night, and not leaping on their parents’ bed at ungodly hours of the morning.

Suzy was developed with sleep experts to automate the sleep routine and give children a structure to learn from. It plays lullaby music alongside gently animated lighting to help your child go to sleep, whereupon the light becomes a steady glow to help them remain asleep. During the last hour of sleep, the light activates again, gently waking them at the right time, and then lets them know it is time to get out of bed. The companion app allows parents to control all of Suzy’s functions and to listen in and monitor their child. If they do wake in the night, Suzy will automatically lull them back to sleep.

BleepBleeps is already award winning - Creative Review Annual Consumer Product 2017; Core77 Design Awards Winner Consumer Product 2017 - and we think there will be more to come if they continue to innovate in the children doing what we want them to sector.

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Published on: 23rd September 2018

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