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Benefits of Serviced Apartments for Business Travelers

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Serviced and furnished medium and long-term apartments are slowly becoming the accommodation of choice for many constant business travelers around the world. Serviced apartments were first introduced as a concept during the 80s in the US, but they have spread across the world rapidly. North America still has the largest portion of serviced apartments around the globe at 60%, followed by Europe and Australasia with 17% and 11% respectively. And when we look at all the potential benefits they have for corporate buyers, it can be easy to see why they’re such a great option for many.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider renting a serviced apartment for your next business trip.

They’re Close to Most Business Centers

While most high-rise towers near major financial districts used to be dominated by businesses and condo owners, serviced and fully furnished apartments are slowly gaining office space and apartmentsground. Most big furnished apartment providers like Blueground for instance, operate many corporate housing apartments in major cities like Chicago. Their apartments are often located near city centers and they are close to the city's biggest attractions. They also offer much more competitive pricing when compared to other accommodation in the same area, which makes them a much better option for mid- and long-term trips. As an example, if you Blueground’s Chicago apartment rentals page, you’ll see that you can filter your search based on the neighborhood that you’d like to live in. This gives you the opportunity to find a furnished apartment as close to your place of work as possible.

Great Customer Experience

Another benefit of working with a serviced apartment provider is how simple the whole process is. All you have to do is browse their units based on your preferences and look for properties around the area you intend to visit. You’ll be able to check what comes included with each apartment and have a glimpse at what the units look like. And you can also call their team if you want to learn more about their units or have any questions about the rental process.

Much More Spacious and Convenient

If you’re traveling with a team, nothing can beat the convenience of a nice and spacious serviced apartment. Everybody will be able to enjoy their own quarters and work individually. You’ll also be able to meet up whenever you need to work on something together, which will make serviced apartments for businesslogistics much easier for everybody.

A luxurious serviced apartment in the heart of a city is also a great setting for a business meeting or if you want to invite some partners for a business dinner. Most will come with spacious communal areas as well as complimentary high-speed internet, which makes them even more convenient to work from.

More Comfortable

Serviced apartments aren’t just great for working. The extra space will also allow you to get some shut-eye whenever you need to without being disturbed by other team members. Serviced apartments offer all the comforts you’d be able to enjoy back home and more. They’re certainly more comfortable than a hotel room. You’ll be able to work, cook, sleep and relax all in the same place and truly feel like you’re back home.

Speaking of cooking, one of the main reasons why so many people love serviced apartments is that they allow you to shop for your own groceries and cook yourself. If you’re traveling with a large group, food costs can easily add up, and having the option of eliminating these costs will make a huge difference. Most serviced apartments will come with a fridge and stove at a minimum, but some will have other amenities like a dishwasher, toaster, microwave, coffee maker and more.

Cuts Costs

Business travel can be a huge expenditure, especially if you’re traveling for most of the year and have to accommodate team members as well. But a nice serviced apartment will allow you to significantly cut on lodging. You simply can’t compare the space with what you’d have with a hotel room. And if you intend on staying for more than a month, the price you’d pay for a fully furnished mid- or long-term apartment rental isn’t even comparable to a hotel.

Extra Amenities

As you may know, business travel is about more than just business, and being able to maintain your usual lifestyle is also one of the reasons why serviced apartments are such a great option. Many serviced apartments come with extra perks like access to cinema rooms, rooftop pools, or gym rooms among other things. These will allow you to follow the same routine you do at home without skipping a beat. Some will even have conference rooms for corporate renters, which is another added bonus.


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Published on: 30th November 2018

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