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Batman and Superman? We look at some real life super business collaborations

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by Startacus Admin

Batman and Superman? We look at some real life super business collaborations

Here at Startacus  we love Collaboration. Indeed we have our own virtual workspace that allows community collaboration, so you would expect us to say that! However, whether it be recruiting the right staff for batman and supermanyour startup, working with a co-founder on your project, or collaborating with other businesses for a collective goal or social good - collaboration can aid all parties and make the creative process much smoother and production.

With the annoucement over the last few days that for the first time, there will be a movie featuring both Batman and Superman together - one wonders how two Superheroes will come together - will it be as adversaries, for the greater good, because needs must, or because a long term business partnership is forged?

While we wonder about such fascinations, we thought it only fair to highlight a few real life superhuman business collaborations ourselves, just to prove that whilst we await the wonder / or mammoth creative failure of the Superman / Batman mashup, there are plenty of real life wonders often staring us in the face.

The Wright Brothers

Unlike the Gallagher bros of Oasis fame, some brother led ventures can survive and not only survive but really take flight. The Wright brothers, supermen themselves, credit the toy helicopter of two blades and a rubber band given to them by their dad, as the inspiration that led them to build their first aeroplane, fly the first historic flight, and create Wright Co. which built and sold planes. From small beginnings come great possibilities (or something like that!)   

Sesame Street's Joan Ganz Cooney

Pub Quiz question. Who came up with the concept behind Sesame Street?

Although you wouldn't be in the minority if you thought the answer was Jim Henson, the answer is actually Joan Cooney. Joan actually headhunted Jim Henson to work on Sesame Street, as she had seen his puppets and the TV commercials he produced. Henson was not initially interested in the business proposition, but once involved, his introduction was the catalyst for one, if not the most well known children's TV shows of all time. This is a great example of how one should assemble the best talent you can around your startup and also that the famous entrepreneurs that you know are often supported by others - who whilst not so well known are just, if not more important to the overall process.

The Warner Bros.

Bearing in mind this article is because of the Superman / Batman mashup Warner Bros film announcement, we could not ignore the impact that the four Warner Bros. studio co-founders and brothers had in creating a successful and innovative film studio. The story of the 4 Polish born US immigrants, is very much a real life tale of the American dream, and its nice to see that their family collaboration, in founding Warner Bros Studios in 1923 has evolved into such a mammoth and integral engine of the American Movie Industry.

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak

Met in the early 1970’s. Played together building computers. Created a new type of personal computer with, at the time some pretty amazing functionality and design. Woz was good at the software development and Jobs - a dab hand at Marketing. Together their skills were like dynamite. Created Apple - you might have heard of them. One without the other - you wonder how far each would have gone. Collaboration at its best.

Keith Richards and Mick Jagger

Rock Stars? In this list? I hear some of you mumble. I thought this was a business list of the great business collaborations of all time? But seeing as the industry is known as the music business, it seems only right to include perhap the two top collaborators of all times, in terms of music, longevity, and business success. You can't imagine one really working without the other, and although Richards is not Superman to Jaggers Batman, I bet you can't think of many other artists, or businesses for that matter (and that is really what they are) who have been so successful and for so long.

If you are interested in Collaboration - you might want to read our previous post on the the benefits of business Collaboration - it’s superhumanly fab! And also, don’t panic - even if all the experts reckon your idea sucks - there’s always a few ideas that can baffle others but surprise us all as our previous article The Dragons' Den 'rejects' that had the last laugh highlights.

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Published on: 22nd July 2013

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