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Basic tips on using Facebook for Business

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by Startacus Admin

facebook for businessBasic tips for using Facebook for Business

Hold yer horses now! If you already use Facebook for Business, the majority of the points we have listed below, you are already going to know. This, however is a starter’s guide to using Facebook for Business - no more. We hope though, that if nothing else, you can use these pointers as a checklist to see if you are doing most if not all of the below:

First things first. You cannot think that your Facebook page is an unconnected section of your business. If you have a website and let’s face it, most businesses these days will have one; driving some of your traffic from your main website to your facebook page is a clever move. Some people prefer using Facebook to keep in contact with the main websites they like, others like ‘liking’ facebook pages....but for whatever reason they do it, you now have an opportunity to keep your product or service in their face (so to speak). Therefore make sure that you have a Facebook connect button and link on your main website.

Fill in the Detail
With the launch of Facebook’s search graph only a week or so ago, it seems that the power to search specific details will become more and more useful in driving traffic to your business page. With this in mind then, it is worth considering making your business profile page ‘search engine optimised’. So, when you are adding your business and profile details, regard it as if you are tagging your content with the keywords that you would like to be found for/ associated with. Going forward, this may help you to be found by random customers and interested users, as and when Facebook’s search graph really kicks in...

Use it as a Forum
People who like being on Facebook often like to interact and chat. It makes sense therefore to make your Facebook page as active and interactive as possible. If on your main website your have a facebook for business‘blog’ section, make sure that you share these links on your facebook page. If you have an important question to ask your customers - use the facebook poll function, to try and get some responses. If someone asks a question about a product or service that you have, make sure that you respond quickly and not two weeks later!

Make it relevant
If your Facebook page is just sell, sell, sell, you may have a loyal few customers who will follow your facebook page to buy, buy, buy. However if you want to drive a load of traffic to your facebook page and want to build a reputation for your product or service, people will like your facebook page if you can demonstrate that you are informative and definitive in that very subject. If that subject is motorcycle parts - make sure alongside your special deals and product links, you include links to relevant articles, news stories and pictures that will keep your audience involved. Then, when they really need to buy that next ‘motorcycle’ part, you will be more likely to be remembered and considered.

Like people liking
It’s pretty simple, but if you have 1000 facebook followers, perhaps only 100 or so will see that link that you add or that product offer that you share. Why? Well as far as we can see, Facebook is a little like a popularity contest, the more your content is liked and shared, the more your content will appear higher up and not slip off the radar.Therefore getting people to share or like what you add to your Facebook page is important if you want more and more people to see what youre saying or selling! Try to gauge the type of posts, articles and ‘deals’, that get the most interaction and make sure you do more of the same in the future!

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Published on: 24th January 2013

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