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Applied - The recruitment platform to help you hire fairer

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Applied - The lowdown on the recruitment platform that will help you hire fairer, faster, and retain hires for longer...

be applied logoHiring new talent can be almost as hard as being the talent trying to get hired. There is always fierce competition for the position and always a fear from the applicants that they will not be hired based purely on their talent.

Biases and judgements are made instinctively and not always maliciously, and although we ideally can rise above these snap judgements, they can too often affect the hiring process. For example, we’re all aware to some degree how hard people with a lot of piercings or tattoos can find it to get hired, even if they are perfect for the job. It is this kind of absurd bias that holds businesses back from being all they can be. So how do we make the process of hiring easier and fairer?

London-based startup Applied thinks it has the answer.

Applied is a recruitment platform designed to help recruitment to become fairer and faster, with better retention. It anonymises applications and breaks them down into sections, allowing you to make decisions more easily based on skills. Share with the team in order to have them review the applications and pool your reviews to make these decisions more informed and collaborative.

applied screenTo help with the danger of accidental gender bias and stereotyping, Applied uses gendered-language detection to ensure your job descriptions are neutral. It uses machine learning to link this detection system to your hiring results to find any bias specific to your business and help you improve.

Keep an eye on your analytics to see who is applying for your openings and determine if there is a threat to diversity at any point of the process. These analytics extend to your existing team reviewing applications, ensuring your hiring team is performing as needed.

Applied makes it easy to give applicants work samples to assess their ability of the actual work they would be doing. Whether the applicants get the job or not, Applied automatically shares feedback on their application to ensure that no one goes without hearing back.

Not only does this show people basic respect, but it helps them to see their strengths and weaknesses so that they can learn for their next application. The platform will also suggest other positions in your business that they have shown themselves suitable for.

We don’t think we need to explain why we think this recruitment platform is so valuable. Employers who would otherwise throw away applications based on skin colour or gender won’t be magically transformed into decent human beings, but Applied does level the playing field, and saves time and stress for everyone involved, and that speaks for itself.

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Published on: 15th October 2018

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