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Ameca - the future face of robotics

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The lowdown on Ameca, a humanoid robot platform for robot–human interaction created by Cornwall-based robotics startup Engineered Arts.

ameca_transparent_1-e1638371642651-446x446Robots. They’re out there. They can’t be bargained with, they can’t be reasoned with, they don't feel pity or remorse or fear, and they absolutely will not stop. Which is nice, because it means they can one day do the jobs we don’t want to, and they won’t quit or fall asleep on the job. Of course, we’re a long way from the robots of cinema, walking among us, but that doesn’t mean we’re not getting close to a point where humanoid robots can start performing some simpler functions, such as providing directions at events or airports, or for education.

/ameca_transparent_4-446x446Cornwall-based robotics startup Engineered Arts has created Ameca, a humanoid robot platform for robot–human interaction. Ameca is a modular platform that is designed to be upgraded over time, and users can utilise anything from the entire waist up (it can’t currently walk), or just the head or even just an arm. The Ameca platform is a robotic body - it doesn’t have artificial intelligence, but it and its Tritium operating system are designed to allow AI researchers to be tested and developed.

The thing that made Ameca stand out to the public is the natural motion that the platform employs, particularly in the face, which is capable of displaying uncannily realistic expressions, imparting emotion to assist in conveying whatever information it needs to, and helping with the human connection.

It has long been the assumption that when we eventually do manage to develop safe, stable humanoid robots, they will not only do dangerous and unpleasant jobs so that humans don’t have to, but also perform other tasks with humans, such as helping around the house, looking after children, etc., and so, naturally, developing a face that is capable of human expression is a good addition. It will help when Engineered Arts gets the walking down, too.



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Published on: 21st February 2022

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