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AlphaBeats - playing music to pause the mind

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AlphaBeats is a startup that's created an innovative way to help us all us fight stress while we unwind listening to our favourite music...

Alphabeats_Dark.In our modern, always-connected world, we often mistake for relaxation time what is actually just sitting in a more comfortable chair to stress about things, perhaps on our phone instead of our laptop. We finish work and let out that relieved work’s-over sigh, stand up from our desks...and sit down on the sofa to scroll through Twitter and grit our teeth in anger at what REDACTED has REDACTED this time. 

start_session_screenMany of us will continue to do this right up until we close our eyes to sleep, but of course, as we have been told at least half our lives, staring at screens right before sleeping can be disruptive to said sleep and to our nightly recovery. 

So how do we better, truly relax? Perhaps ASMR for some people, or white noise; for others, listening to music. But perhaps there is a way to take the normal music we listen to and make it more relaxing.

stress_screenDutch health-tech startup AlphaBeats is using a scientifically-proven method to make the music that you want to listen to more relaxing. Or more accurately, to make you relax more while listening to it. 

The way it works is deceptively simple: the app uses any connected wearable or simply your phone itself to measure your stress levels, and it shifts the frequency of your music based on how relaxed you are. AlphaBeats has an exclusive agreement with Philips to use their audio neurofeedback algorithm to do this. Basically, your music gets better the more relaxed you become. This is done on an unconscious level, and the brain automatically detects that this is happening, and seeks out the best quality sound, thus relaxing you in order to find it, putting itself into an alpha state.

It’s simple, scientifically-proven, and you need only listen to your music for 10 minutes a day to make your life a little more stress-free. AlphaBeats says that their app makes listening to music - already fairly relaxing - nearly 3 times more relaxing.

In December, early-stage investment fund LUMO Labs announced an undisclosed investment in AlphaBeats, which includes a 2-year venture builder program. AlphaBeats will use this funding for market validation and be on the market in 2022.

With world events and everyday life making us more and more stressed, something so simple to help relieve this is more than welcome!




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Published on: 15th January 2021

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