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A helpful checklist for startups at home during COVID-19

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by Startacus Admin

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic is something that’s affecting near enough everyone, and for business owners, being locked indoors and unable to work in the traditional sense can be concerning. There are a lot of factors that are outside of our control when it comes to the coronavirus, but what steps can we actively put in place to ensure that we’re able to keep on turning as the days and weeks pass by and we slowly crawl back to normality?

Working from home and feeling more restricted than ever with regard to how your work, and how you work collaboratively with others? Perhaps you’re a new business owner wondering how to keep on going through this period? Whatever the case might be, if you’re lacking inspiration on where to get started, or can feel yourself struggling, have a read through this quick list of tips that might help you.

Make do with what you’ve got

If you’re used to working with others in a traditional office environment then it can perhaps feel a little bit different and distracting trying to pick up where you left off on your kitchen table on even sat on your couch with a laptop. In order to stay productive, you’ll probably want to think about what equipment you’ll need to get the job done well, and either bring it home with you from the office or invest in some new stuff. You might also want to carve out your own little ‘home office’ area in the house itself, which will then help you to concentrate better.

If you’re an independent worker, or someone that’s done freelance stuff in the past, then it might be the case that you’re used to working in a location that’s out of the ordinary. Still, you should try and stick to the normal workflow and perhaps even timeframes that you would do when working normally. That way, you’re not conflating work and play, and spending too much/too little time working.

Look for positive financial prospects in spite of the pandemic

While it’s certainly true that the current situation is taking its toll on many of us financially, it’s important if you’re an independent business owner or entrepreneur that you keep your financial/investment prospects open, and continue to look for opportunities in spite of negativity in certain markets. This will help to ensure that your finances, both from a business perspective and personally, stay afloat and actually appreciate rather than stagnating during self-isolation. Remember, a lot of the time, those that are willing to invest in times like these and stay active with their finances are the ones that get in on unique opportunities in certain markets, and prosper before others.

If you have the relevant amount of capital available, the property investment market is a good example of a long term one that is continuing to thrive. In fact, with some of the more volatile markets such as stocks and shares starting to take a bit of a dip, many investors are actually moving their money over into property, as it offers them something a little bit more secure. Companies such as RWinvest are offering virtual reality packages for those unable to leave there homes, allowing them to view potential investment projects from the comfort of their own home. 

Communication is key

The likelihood is that you’re already set up and in contact with others through a variety of different means, from simple texting to full-on video-chats and online parties with friends, so this step is a bit of a no-brainer, but it’s still an important one to mention. Even if it’s just with friends and family, and not even for professional or work-related matters, it’s important that you keep in touch and support those around you. From a working perspective these sorts of apps and pieces of software will allow you to continue a regular meeting/conference schedule as you would have it in work, and from a personal perspective it is good for your mental wellbeing, especially if you live alone and don’t have regular face-to-face contact with others.

Tip - If you want a collaborative space that you can send files in and message other members of a team, there are platforms such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. These are easy and free to set up and get going with. You could even use WhatsApp if you’re desperate and need to get a message out there in a pinch. Remember, use the abundance of technology you have around you to your advantage!


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Published on: 14th April 2020

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