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A Business is never too young for a Declutter

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Spring Cleaning shouldn't just be done at home. Kat Byles, Founder, True Business School shares some insights on the benefits of spring cleaning your business too.

You may believe that because you’re running a new business that you don’t have clutter to deal with. But think about how much time and effort went into conceiving, funding and launching that business – you’ve actually been working on this business for a considerable time. Decluttering your business can feel like bursting open the windows to breathe in the fresh air of a whole new creative chapter for your business, regardless of how old, or young, it is.

/james-mcdonald-3d4sSUChunA-unsplash.Clearing out and letting go of what is no longer serving you and your business is a strong signal to your subconscious mind that you are upgrading. You are ready to welcome in the fresh new creative emergence and growth for you and your business. Pay particular attention to any suggestions you are irritated by or want to dismiss – these are the ones you will benefit from the most.

Declutter Your Business

Your Office

Take a look around your office. How does it make you feel? Are you inspired or irritated? Do you feel clear and expansive or hemmed in and cluttered? What needs to go and be recycled, thrown out or given away? What needs to be organised more beautifully?

Go through your entire office. Start with the desk draws and cupboards and clear them all out. Organise any piles of filing, old receipts, contracts and agreements. Recycle, throw away and give away anything that no longer serves your business.

Find some lovely storage boxes to tidy up, straighten out, organise and brighten up a space that you love being in, a space that inspires you when you walk into it, a space that says you are ready for the new.

Your Diary

Take a look at your diary for the coming week and month. What's scheduled out of habit or obligation? Which meetings are time wasting? Are there meetings that can be delegated? What can be cancelled if you make and communicate a decision now?

Now schedule in your priority time in nature to listen to your heart's wisdom and receive the inspiration that will guide the next evolution of your business. Make space for this fresh, new creative emergence.

Your Email

Do you have 1000 unopened emails in your inbox? Take 2 minutes and scan for the one or two that are truly vital and important. Create an action mailbox folder and move these one or two into that. Delete the rest. Double delete by emptying the deleted or bin folder. How does that feel?

Declutter You

Your Mind

Cut out the external noise in your environment causing irritation, overstimulation and stress to your mind.

Turn off social media, unfollow any people and groups you respond negatively to. Unsubscribe from expert newsletters letting you know daily the 5 mistakes you are making in your business. Petitions and campaign updates, turn them off. Turn off the news too.

delphine-beausoleil-byFmFcBqPNY-unsplashTurn off phone notifications beeping, interrupting your focus and flow, pulling your attention away from what is truly important into time wasting apps. Delete all the apps and games from your phone that are distracting you; and remove yourself from any WhatsApp groups draining your creativity and lifeforce energy.

This doesn’t have to be forever. For now, turn down the volume (right down) on external stimuli so you can hear your own heart’s wisdom and inspiration leading and creating this fresh chapter of your business.

Get out into nature. Go to the water—rivers, lakes, oceans and seas—and clear your mind. For as Wallace J Nichols, author of Blue Mind, why we are happier, healthier and more connected by water, explains: “All the information your mind has to process in an office – computers whirring, conversations chattering, comings and goings, technology beeping – all this background noise falls away leaving only the sound of the waves and the views of the horizon. Now with less background noise for our minds to process we have much more bandwidth for inspiration.”

Your Body

Cut out stimulants, such as caffeine and sugar habits that may have crept in, that give you false energy bursts and can amplify and exacerbate unwanted thoughts on repeat on your mind. If you can’t cut them out completely, reduce them a little each day and notice the difference.

You may like to dive in deeper into a full body detox cutting out alcohol, gluten, meat and dairy too, perhaps working with a nutritionist or you may like the ayurvedic approach.

Your Energy

Notice if there are any outstanding business relationships, commitments or ties, any beliefs and behaviours draining you of energy that are ready for a timely good-bye. Saying no to what is no longer in alignment, serving or relevant to you, your clients and customers might feel uncomfortable for a moment; but makes the space for what supports you, your business, your clients and customers to grow now.

.Kat Byles_Founder_TrueBusinessSchool 2022ABOUT THE AUTHOR

Kat Byles is the Founder of the True Business School, for creative leaders, entrepreneurs, teachers, artists and healers who want to do business differently. She works with people to find and align with their purpose and creativity to build a happy, healthy, wealthy business
and world. 




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Published on: 14th April 2022

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