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9 Signs that Coworking not Working from Home might be for You

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by Startacus Admin

Fleur Mcdonald of the rather fab 'Club Workspace' - a growing network of coworking venues in London, writes a nearly tongue-in-cheek article for Startacus on the signs that perhaps coworking Coworkingmight be just what the Doctor ordered! Over to Fleur to explain all: 

"Sometimes working from home isn’t as comfortable as all that. And you’re beginning to realise your local coffee place is sick of the sight of you - however many coffees you might buy.

We count down the warning signs that you need to get out more. If you test positive for more than three, then perhaps coworking might be just what the doctor ordered.

1. You’re starting to take conference calls in your pyjamas. They may be smart but looking like Rupert Bear is not conducive to good negotiating. Wear anything else you like, be it a roll neck like Steve Job or a woman on your knee like Richard Branson.

2. Your pet is helping you make business decisions. Not sure whether to go with that supplier or carry on looking? The fact that Fido is lying on his back, paws in the air, or snuggled up in his basket is not a sign from the gods of business.

3. You’re integrating the washing up and household chores into your work routine. Ironing your pants is not part of a productive day. Procrastinating is inexcusable even if your bookshelf is colour-coded by the end of it. And your sock draw. And your fridge. And don’t even try and claim you have OCD.

4. The staff at Costa smirk when they see you. It might great fun putting odds on when the WiFi is next going to cut out. It might be reassuring knowing the menu inside out. But pints and pints of coffee, frapuccinos and mochas are going to wreak havoc on your digestive track and your wallet.coworking

5. You feel like you should be working all the time but that you’re actually working none of the time If you’re working from home, getting the work/life balance right is difficult. If you find yourself in bed and you’re still checking whether that email arrived, it’s time to switch off. No one will notice except you.

6. You need to do more networking Just by being in an office with other people, you are defacto networking. If people hear you talking about a great app you’re developing or see an amazing logo you’ve designed, they might get you to help them with their next project. You don’t need to do the sales patter or perfect an embarrassing elevator pitch; people will just see the great work you’re doing. And you never know, they might help you. For free.

7. You need some inspiration Whether you're working alone or powering a startup, it can sometimes be difficult and, let’s be honest, it can often be demoralising. But what better way to put it all in perspective than to share the ups and downs with other coworkers. It means when you get that deal, you can tell your neighbour AND your mum.

8. You’re holding meetings in restaurants Scheduling lunch meetings to avoid admitting you don’t have an office, is really expensive. It’s also awkward. To drink or not to drink? To pay for them or not to pay for them? To have a starter or not have a starter? And what if they judge you on your choice of sandwich? Better get back into your pyjamas and onto Skype. Or just start co-working and take advantage of the venues meeting rooms and virtual conference facilities.

9. Your flatmates are going to start charging you more for using their house as an office It’s not fun for anyone when your flatmate is trying to concentrate on Downton and you’re figuring out Excel formulas. And it’s definitely not fair if the heating bill is suddenly higher than anyone thought it might be because you’ve switched it on during the day so they don’t find a frozen body when they come back from work. Find a home away from home at your coworking venue where there's always milk and the temperature is balmy.

Fleur Mcdonald writes for Club Workspace - a growing network of coworking venues across London for start-ups and SMEs. 

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Published on: 4th February 2014

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