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9 Cyber Security Startups Worth Watching

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9 cyber security startups worth watching

9 Cyber Security Startups Worth Watching

Cyber security is more and more important these days as just about everything moves online. The more integrated everything becomes with the internet, the more there is to keep safe, and the harder people will try to get into your system or intercept your data. The harder people try to get into your system, the stronger your security needs to be. And the stronger security gets, the more dynamic it becomes, the safer it keeps people’s stuff and things and whatnot, the harder the naughty people will try – and the smarter they will get about it. It’s an exhausting loop that will never end, so it’s lucky we have so many cyber security startups working tirelessly to keep our information safe.

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Darktrace is perhaps the most successful UK cyber security startup, and is certainly one of its quickest growing startups of any kind. Its anomaly detection system has been bought, and is now resold, by BT and is able to detect and block threats without prior knowledge of what to look for. In the last few days, the company has secured £49.3m in investment from Wall Street, bringing its value to over £250m.

Deep Instinct

Deep Instinct uses artificial intelligence – in the form of deep learning – to apply predictive capabilities to its on-device solution. Designed partially by veterans of the Israeli Defence Force’s cyber units to protect devices or endpoints whether they are online or offline, it does everything in real time, simply enough for non-tech-savvy employees to cope with.


Silicon:SAFE began as an idea just after the embarrassing 2011 cyber attack on Sony. In short, the idea of Silicon:SAFE is that rather than using software and an army of cyber security specialists, data is kept safe in specialised hardware. Unhackable hardware which accepts incoming data, but cannot send it out.

Digital Shadows

Digital Shadows actively searches the ‘dark web’ – the seedy, unpleasant underbelly of the internet – for chatter concerning threats to specific companies. Their product can look at your company through the eyes of an attacker to better provide threat intelligence tailored specifically to their client.

9 cyber security startups worth watching


Welsh startup GeoLang experienced early success when they were commissioned by Jaguar Land Rover to solve intellectual-property-related data loss prevention problems. It’s product, Ascema, keeps data safe when it is open to sharing and editing by multiple employees. It can be integrated with a variety of existing web applications (such as Google Docs), and can detect unusual behaviour in real time.


CyberLytic proudly displays on their website that they are ‘Cyber supplier to HM Government’. We’re not sure what that means. But we do know that their system is designed to assess threats in real time, and prioritise cyber attacks. They say that the average time to an attack’s detection is 205 days, and that they reduce that to seconds.


One problem with many cyber threat detection solutions is the amount of false positives they throw up. IT/cyber security employees can spend too much time working through these non-issues to detect the real threats. This is where Jask’s AI comes in, analysing all of the events flagged as potential threats and serving up prioritised alerts, and allowing the human analysts to investigate these issues in depth, quickly.

It’s an unfortunate fact that many data breaches come from inside a company. Some are accidental, but others are malicious. The idea of is to mimic the process of top security researchers. By looking for changes in a user’s behaviour,’s solution stops insider threats before they come to anything. Of course, it also looks for activity that suggests targeted attacks from outside too.


One common way that a company’s security is breached is careless or oblivious employees. Few companies give out business mobile devices – employees just use their own phones and tablets to communicate. Because of this, there are more opportunities for the data stored on these devices to be accessed. SaltDNA is a startup from Belfast that provides a solution for encrypted communications between mobile devices, keeping data and communications secure simply by installing an app.

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Published on: 8th July 2016

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