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8 Marketing Materials To Make Your Start-up Stand Out At Events

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Attending an event or expo soon? Here are a few ideas for marketing merchandise that can help your startup stand out.

Marketing is about more than just the look of your logo and design; it's about brand value. We're not just talking about a "cool" company that's worth something because it’s hip and trendy; we're talking about an entity with measurable ROI. Marketing also doesn't need to be "sexy." It's as simple as thinking through what makes your company worth investing in to begin with.

Why Does Marketing Matter For A Start-up?

pexels-photo-7513474Your marketing materials don't have to look like everyone else’s. While it might be tempting to approach marketing like a creative director, marketing should always be about your business. As such, you can set yourself apart with unique design choices and the right kind of content.

Here are eight tips that will help you stand out from the pack:

Custom Straw Hats

There are lots of companies that have custom t-shirts at events, but custom straw hats? Now that will allow you to stand out!

Check out and put your logo on a hat that will not only be functional for your staff but will also look different from your competition.

Logo-embossed Tote Bags

Have a ready supply of tote bags that are not only beautiful but unique to your company?

If you're going to be giving out products at an event, you might as well have custom totes that people will remember.

Customized Ice Cubes

Okay, so this sounds a bit wild, but customized ice cubes will really have your company stand out!

Ordering custom ice cube trays to use in your drinks is a clever and creative way to take advantage of the power of branding.

Customized Shirts

Looking to go even further with branding at a trade show or event? Customize your own shirts!

my-networking-apparel-XgBJkn4Y0pM-unsplash.This will also be great if you're going to be providing "freebies" at the event and want people to remember you.

Shaped Business Cards

These "graphic" business cards are a unique way to get your brand out there and make your company stand out, but everyone's cards are rectangular, so why not go for something different?

Your business card can stand out when it's shaped like an oval, or a star, or anything else with your brand's logo on it!

Customized Guitars

Customized guitars?

Well, maybe it’s not for every brand, but what if your brand is working in the music industry?

This is a super creative way to get your brand out there at events and get people talking about what you provide for them.

Customized Roller Skates

If you're at an event that involves a lot of walking, this is a great way to get people to see your brand in action AND get people moving!

It's also a great way to showcase that your company is fun and takes a different approach to life, plus roller-skates are great fun!

Customized Mugs

Don't have ceramic mugs yet?

It can be a coffee mug, a hot chocolate mug, or even something totally crazy. Either way, it's an example of how you can give away branded items at events and still get people talking about your brand.

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Published on: 15th March 2022

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