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8 Benefits of Using Agile Workflow for Your Startup Development

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If you are in the early stages of launching a startup, or you’re in the planning stage of getting everything together, it’s likely that you will have had many thoughts about how to run your company efficiently. After many hours of brainstorming, you may find that you haven’t made much progress, however, this could be because you’re not looking for the correct solution.

There are numerous strategies that you can take, such as changing the traditional development process that you have been using. An alternative development methodology that you can implement into your startup is the agile development process. Using this software enables you to work simultaneously across a variety of functional teams, as well as on numerous developmental processes. To give you a clearer understanding, here are some of the benefits that agile workflow can bring to your startup.

Follow the Scrum Framework

One of the best ways to implement agile development into your working model is by following the Scrum framework. This framework tends to work around self-management of working teams and getting practical feedback from your consumers. Using the Scrum framework will help you understand the flow of the project you’re working on, and ensure that you efficiently respond to changes in a real-time testing environment.

Clear Visibility and Improved Quality

In the agile development methodology, testing isn’t limited to one single stage. In fact, it is integrated into practically every step throughout the whole life cycle of the process. Using an agile workflow will enable you to inspect the working of a product on a regular basis, ensuring that each and every step of advancement is monitored and accurate. Incorporating agile development into your operation will help you understand the evolution of your product throughout its various stages. In the end, the quality and visibility of your work will vastly improve.

Early Detection and Correction of Problems

After every single process on the project you’re working on, you will have the opportunity to test its output. Doing so will enable you and the business development team to pinpoint any problems or errors with the project. If you run into any obstacles and challenges, rather than dragging the issue through the whole developmental proceedings, your team will be able to make any rectifications from the beginning. The client who you’re working for also has the chance to look at the outcome and suggest their thoughts or improvements.

Continuous Feedback and Improvement

The timescale tends to almost remain the same in agile development. Only the procedures and requirements will change or evolve, however, this will depend on the outputs at each stage. The product owner can be constantly engaged throughout the development process, providing you with continuous feedback along the way. If you need to make any changes, converting feedback into improvements will mean you provide excellent customer satisfaction.

Increase in Productivity

Agile workflow makes better use of your resources, meaning that you have the ability to get started faster and remain efficient and productive throughout. With your work separated into iterations, there are always milestones and deadlines that you must adhere to. There are websites like Kanbanize which can teach you how to build an agile workflow which can help you adapt to changes, deliver value to customers, as well as improve productivity on your project. Kanbanize can teach you the importance of agile project management, product development, and software development.

Improved Transparency

The agile workflow is highly transparent. Whether it’s stakeholders, the development team, or you as a business owner, knowing what is getting done, what is not getting done, and who is making the decisions on the project is crucial. Once the entire team understands the bigger picture, this will mean that projects can move forward faster and more efficiently.

Enhances Communication

When using an agile workflow, this enables multiple individual teams to work on particular tasks. Teamwork is crucial for projects to get completed on time, so using agile in your startup can enhance communication amongst your team to ensure all tasks are completed according to plan. Excellent communication skills are mandatory when using an agile workflow.

More Fun to Work With

Regarded as a developer-friendly procedure, agile development methodology encourages the active collaboration and involvement of all development teams who are involved in working on the project. Rather than working for a singular goal, teams get to work independently on specific duties, as well as process several procedures at once.

As a startup, it’s important that you have the right tools, software, and skills at your disposal. With many competitors in your field who are fighting for the same custom, using agile workflow and development is crucial. Your number one goal should be to improve your business standards, so using agile workflow allows your team to work on independent tasks to ensure the project is completed smoothly and on time.

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Published on: 18th March 2020

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