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6 Ways Usability Testing Can Improve Website Conversions

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When your customers find it difficult to access or understand your website, there is a problem with its usability. If your site has usability problems, you could end up with poor conversions. Conversions signify the completion of a desired action by a user on your website.

To boost your website conversions, you should continuously engage in usability testing. This is a powerful way to gain valuable insight into how well users can interact with your site. Usability testing is the practice of testing the efficiency of a product on a group of delegated users; they examine the ease of use of the products.

Usability testing is done to identify problems and frictions that your website could have by detecting any likely issue as early as possible. When the potential issues are identified and resolved, your conversion rates could almost double in value.

1. Your Users are Engaged and Satisfied With Your Website

Keep your customers satisfied with an excellent website

pexels 3768894Testing your website’s usability helps make sure that your customers are not dissatisfied with your services. Usability tests would also prevent your site from being abandoned before conversion occurs. According to research on Google, about 79% of users leave a website if usability is not up to par.

To ensure that your users are not left behind in your website’s development process, make sure each improvement to your website undergoes usability testing before releasing it to the public. A plus side to usability testing is that your website does not have to be online before it can be tested. It can be done at any stage of your design process.

When you carry out usability testing on your website, you gain more insight into what your customers are looking to achieve by visiting your site. With this knowledge, you can make the necessary changes required to improve your website’s performance, leaving your users fully satisfied with your services. Satisfying your customers equals increased conversions. It is therefore important to know how well your website performs in the market and what could be done to make it even better.

2. Increased Sales Online

Increase online sales through conversational selling

As an e-commerce business owner, one of your primary concerns is to make sales. The amount of sales you make on your website determines your conversion rate. However, if your conversion rates are not as impressive as you expected, it may be because you have not passed your website through the usability testing process.

If your website does not pass usability testing, it becomes difficult for increased sales to occur. Websites that are difficult to use would likely not be used for an extended period. Poor websites discourage users who may eventually end up leaving the website frustrated. The implication of this is that such a site has lost a customer. If many other customers follow the same route, what does that mean for such business? It brings an inevitable decline in sales, and your website conversion rate would be relatively low.

One way to increase your website conversion and pass your usability testing is to include conversational selling in your approach. Conversational selling is simply engaging with your customers through online conversational tools to ease specific processes such as filling request forms and the like. Through conversational selling, you can put customers’ minds at ease and pleased enough to buy your products or pay for your services. Conversational selling has been proven to increase the online conversion rates of businesses that employ this method.

3. Increased Prospective Customers

pexels photo cardThrough successful usability testing, your website becomes enhanced and more improved. An attractive webpage speaks well to new customers; this encourages them to spend more time on your site searching for what they want. A successful purchase may, in turn, encourage them to refer the business to more people. This eventually means more customers are reeled in by the appraisal of people who have been satisfied with your website. When prospective customers visit the website and complete the cycle of sales by making a purchase, your conversion rates would be through the roof.

When you pass your website through the usability testing process, there are some features that you must take into consideration if you want to attract more users to your site. First of all, ensure that your website is accessible. Some websites require you to fill in a ton of information before you are allowed access into their content; this could be very discouraging to new users of your site.

Again, ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. In this day and age, the majority of website users access websites through their mobile phones. By making your website mobile-friendly, you guarantee potential users access through a few clicks and scrolls. This makes for an exciting browsing experience. Your mobile app should be free of glitches or crashes or you would lose a lot of customers.

Lastly, have a clear website structure. When it comes to navigating through your website, make sure that it is not too confusing for visitors. If your customers cannot find what they need within a few minutes of search, it is highly unlikely that they would remain on your page. Reduce the steps involved in making a purchase on your website; this guarantees increased conversion rates.

These features are essential as you work towards getting more clients to your website. And how do you know these features are top-notch in your website? By carrying out a usability testing!

4. More Money Saved for Further Improvement

Save more money by conducting a usability test

pexels 3815585When your website undergoes a usability testing before it becomes operational, you would be able to pinpoint certain problem areas. Once you identify these hitches, you would then nip them in the bud before they become full-blown problems. And when you release the hitch-free website, you would not need to spend thousands of dollars to fix the problems. With this money that you have saved through this simple testing solution, you can focus on other vital aspects of the website that can be enhanced.

If you fail to perform usability testing and do not address your site’s issues, you would have spent a lot of time developing a faulty site. Instead of you to fix problems that could have easily been avoided by testing, you could spend the money on upgrading your website. Adding new and irresistible features that would cause more sales will ultimately increase conversions.

Because it is so crucial for a business to have high conversion rates and save as much money as possible, various usability testing examples and tools have been created to aid your usability testing process. These usability testing software companies are reliable and can help you tailor your website to meet the exact needs your potential, and existing customers seek on your website, thereby guaranteeing conversions.

5. Easy Investment Opportunities

The main goal of usability testing is to fix probable defects on your website. Once these hiccups are solved, you release an excellent website that would help you save time and money and bring investment opportunities your way.

All investors, angels or venture capitalists, are looking for businesses that would yield great returns and make their investment worth it. Having investors interested in your business helps provide exposure in the market and get finances that would help you make your business even better. If your website, and in turn your business, is not up to par, investors whether they use robo investing software or they do some due diligence themselves, would look the other way. 

As your investments start bringing in profits for you, your business will begin to flourish, and this would mean more willingness of other establishments to go into business with you. In turn, your conversion rate would be on the increase.

6. Reduced Time Wastage

pexels 460177In addition to saving money through precautionary usability testing, you also prevent unnecessary time-wasting. When a website is fortified against a potential problem through usability testing, the time that would have been spent trying to uncover and resolve the problem(s) is saved.

This saved time can then be spent on more profitable courses of action. You can then invest that time into things that would make your business even better, through your website. This may include unique branding, advertising, and publicity.


The conversion rate of your website is a huge determinant of how successful your business is. Performing a usability testing on your website to weed out its imperfections is a guaranteed way of improving your website’s conversion rate. It saves you a lot of time and money, while also helping you upscale your investments. Knowing how vital usability testing is, it is wise to make plans to carry out one on your website in the nearest future.

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Published on: 31st August 2020

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