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6 Entrepreneurial resolutions for 2014 (how many have you already broken?)

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by Startacus Admin

Back at the end of 2013 we made a new year’s resolution to write a post on our entrepreneurial new year’s resolutions.

Fast forward three weeks and with said new year’s resolution broken, step forward Startacus member Gemma Pirnie from Your New Crew who tweeted us suggesting an article on ‘Entrepreneurial resolutions for 2014’ would’ve been a good feature for the site.

We thought this sounded like a good opportunity for a collaboration of sorts. So, here they are -  our 6 Entrepreneurial resolutions for 2014 - the first 3 from Gemma 2014 business resolutionsand next 3 from Startacus HQ. Over to Gemma to kick things off: 

1. Take the blinkers off, step back and look at the whole picture! 

As an entrepreneur I am very guilty of micro-managing and being too detail-oriented. Whilst it may bode well for the future of your company if you know the ins and outs, how the website works, how the software is built, how the PR is conducted etc. etc., in reality there are just not enough hours in the day to learn everything. So if you have delegated a task to more of a pro then put down that e-book on Drupal/SEO/PR (guilty!), look at the bigger picture and ask the bigger questions: what do I need to do to make my company a success, what timeframe do I realistically need to apply and…

2. Who can I reach out to for support?  Who can help me champion my company?

The phrase “don’t ask, don’t get” could well have been coined for entrepreneurs, you really need to have some moxy! It’s not about phoning a top design company and asking for a free all singing all dancing website but it is about communicating your passion for your product/service and getting the support you need. So think about who you know who can help you achieve your dream and if you don’t know anybody then…

3. Network, network and network more…

Say yes to conferences, say yes to networking events, just say yes to meeting new people.  Everybody who has helped me out with forming Your New Crew I have met through other people or networking. How kind and helpful some people can be when they also buy into your dream is sometimes overwhelming. Just be clear with what your idea is, what you want to achieve and what you can put in to achieve it.

4. Collaborate more but wisely

This article aside, collaboration is a great opportunity to multiply effort, presence, energy, knowledge…the list really could go on. But our first new year’s resolution is to collaborate, but collaborate wisely and at the right time. An example of this, might be understanding that when a good or even great business opportunity comes along, it might not be the right time to take it, or even the right opportunity for your business. Collaborate on things that will take you that step closes to your next goal or target.

5. Get on it

If you ain’t on it already, get on it. What we mean by this is clear. By the time you read this article, 1/12th of the year will have passed. If this was a series of 24 with Mr Sutherland et al, we would be about to watch episode 3. So the question you should be asking yourself, is, what have you achieved in episodes 1 and 2?

6. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Targets

Some of us escape the rat race to start working on our new businesses. And that is fine. However, whatever business that you have, you still need to work towards time specific, financial, personal, customer, growth targets...etc...etc. One of our key new year’s resolutions is to become more business-like in setting and achieving targets that help take our business forward and in the right direction. Here’s to a happy rest of 2014!

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Published on: 24th January 2014

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