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5 Types Of Marketing Media And How They Drive Sales

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by Startacus Admin

A well-rounded marketing strategy is one that covers multiple channels simultaneously. There are a plethora of marketing mediums out there today. Finding the ideal combination for a business can take time. Below are five of the most common and most significant types of marketing media and the role they have to play in driving sales.


Print media refers to everything from national newspapers and magazines to leaflets that you print up yourself. Print media isn’t as important as it once was. We now live in a digital world. However, that doesn’t mean that print media isn’t still an effective means of reaching out to new audiences, especially those that can’t be reached via digital channels for some reason.

While the audience for most print media is now smaller than it is for digital media, print media is still considered to be more authoritative. An ad for your product or business in a print publication carries more prestige than an online one will. There are also some demographics, especially older demographics, who are much easier to reach effectively through print media than other forms.


E-mail marketing is often thought of as being outdated now, but it has been around for a very long time, after all. However, there is a good reason that e-mail has proven to be such an enduring technique and continues to be utilized today. When it is done right, e-mail marketing remains a very effective means of reaching out to new audiences and retaining existing customers.

Online Video

Television used to be the most important media for marketers to focus on, but this is no longer the case. Traditional TV advertising has moved online now, and short digital videos are the name of the game. If you can get your adverts put on the right YouTube channel, then the exposure that you can achieve is off the charts. Not only this but you will be able to take advantage of Google’s advanced profiling algorithms that it uses to match adverts with users.

Regardless of the platform that your marketing videos are hosted on, they can be a very effective way of not only promoting the existence of your business and products but also of informing and educating potential customers about them. Whether you have a full video with audio or a simple animation with text overlaid, it is easy to convey a lot of information quickly in a well-made video or animation.

Live Presentations

This type of marketing is often overlooked but plays a central role in the marketing strategies of numerous businesses, especially those that sell their services directly to other businesses. Presentations are an effective means of informing audiences about your products, as well as selling them. For businesses that need to convince other businesses to buy their stuff, this makes live presentations very important.

If you want a presentation to be effective, you need to plan it out properly beforehand. This is easier said than done; giving a good presentation is difficult if you’ve never had to do it before. However, there are things you can do to prepare yourself for the challenge. Working with a presentation design agency, like Buffalo 7, can be a great way to ensure that you get professional looking results every time.

Social Media Marketing

If you manage to leverage social media marketing to its full effectiveness, it can easily become the single most effective marketing media your business uses. Social media platforms make it possible for businesses to focus their marketing on specific audiences and demographics. In doing so, businesses can significantly improve user engagement with their content.

There are numerous different social media platforms on the market now, and businesses will want to target as many of them as possible. Not only can businesses promote themselves easily on social media, but they will also be able to track the impact that their marketing is having on their audience more easily. Looking at things like hashtags and mentions of your business will tell you how popular you currently are with audiences.

To be successful in the realm of marketing, your business needs to be able to exploit multiple marketing channels simultaneously. Businesses that limit themselves to just one or two mediums or who fail to identify the most fruitful mediums for them to target will never be able to achieve the kinds of results needed to outclass your competitors. All of the marketing media outlined above remain effective today. You just need a skilled marketer to help you exploit them properly.

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Published on: 19th August 2020

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