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5 Tips on Driving traffic to your Website

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by Startacus Admin

We have previously written about advertising options for your website and also the basics on search engine optimisation, so thought a more generic driving website trafficarticle on driving traffic to your website would be a relevant article for some of you too. Having an SEO strategy should not be the only driver of traffic to your website, and in fairness unless you are driving lots of traffic to your website - talking about the advertising options that exist, is pretty insignificant. With this in mind, we’ve listed 5 tips that we have picked up along the way (like a stray dog finding bones) that don’t involve direct SEO work and next week - we will do the same again with 5 more...

Provide Good Content

Websites are used for various reasons - whether it’s to show, sell or tell (or all three). However all websites benefit from having good content - whether that be information about your product or service, news articles, industry related stories or even a blog. People like reading good content and surprise surprise, sharing said good content. If you disregard the fact that this could improve your SEO, remember that in simple terms, it’s basically just good marketing.

Social Media

Having a social media presence is important. Nuff said really. Each platform helps to spread your message, point of sale, value, and community. It might not be the be all and end all, but if you haven't got a social media strategy, start thinking about it. We have various articles on Twitter for Business, Linkedin for Business, Pinterest for Business, Facebook for Business and Google+ the basics articles if you need more social media help!!

Offline Marketing and Sales

Most people have company websites to complement the offline product that they sell or the service that they deliver. Don’t assume that there is no relationship between the two. Build a link between both your website and your ‘sale’ and both will be strengthened. Talk about your business, network about your business, make cold calls and ultimately build up a database of target clients and customers who receive on and offline information and marketing about your business.


Leading on from this - if you build up a database of potential customers who are interested in what your company is all about and what you may have to say, do make sure that apart from it simply being a customer list, that it is instead a list of people that you regularly communicate with. Mailchimp is a good platform that allows you to create and send newsletters and newsletters should do the job of driving traffic back to your site on a regular basis.

Become Synonymous

Many of the points in this article point to specific tips on SEO - this one however is a more generic point that really can apply to all business activity - both off and online. Become synonymous - do your best to make sure that your business automatically gets associated with a particular service, product type or market sector. Remember too the old cliche that “people buy from people” applies to all of your business activity - this too will have a driving effect on bring people to your website in the long term.

Next week we will outline 5 more tips on driving traffic to your website - and please feel free to comment via the forum if any other major tips spring to mind!

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Published on: 22nd April 2013

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