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5 tips for beginner startups from a beginner self starter

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by Startacus Admin

If you are at the beginning of your startup journey then here we have a few beginner tips that should help you along your way.

Firstly I am no self proclaimed expert. If you want to read or listen to an ‘expert’ - I aint it. However don’t panic, self proclaimed experts are often better at talking than doing, (and a few spring to mind!). I dotips for beginner startups however think it is important to pass on the things that I have learned over the last twelve months of attempting to become self sustainable and self employed. Don’t get me wrong I have probably made more mistakes, than I have got closer to ‘making my millions’, however for me, the journey I have been on means that I feel I can legitimately pass on 5 good tips that may help you along the way too.

1. Don’t forget your past
Using myself as an example; I had approx 10 years’ experience in Business Development, Management, Recruitment in high pressured work environments. Although I wasn’t necessarily brilliant at all of the above, I was good at some! Therefore with this in mind, remember that we all have previous skills and experiences that are transferable and usable. Often, in a startup and in the startup environment itself you can be treated as a novice simply because you are new to a “scene”, BUT I say, don’t forget your past - there is real value there and it can often come in rather handy and be used to your advantage.

2. Only go to ‘events’ with a purpose
The reality is that most events, be they networking events, seminars, or even arena tours, are often simply really boring and are there for the most part to simply serve the people, persons or organisations there to speak (i.e. promote themselves) and who are part of the ‘scene’*. (*most of the ones I have been to that is!). Having said that, if you do go with a purpose or for a specific reason then they can be worthwhile, however just make sure before you agree to go to, or buy tickets for event x,y or z, that you can justify what you and your business will get out of said event. They’re not all bad though - on the odd occasion, you may just get blown away by a guest speaker or presentation, which in turn can completely change the way you think or act.

startup tips3. Act Global
Irrespective of how small you are as a business, sole trader or startup (or whatever you want to call yourself), don’t act small. Your customer or audience, doesn’t see the small converted garage office you work in, or the coffee shop and laptop you call your office, they see what you say, sell and do. The quality of your business card, makes very little difference to the quality of the service you provide, so always make sure that you act as a global force, speak with authority, and make sure what you provide is better than your competitor, more relevant and quicker. This should be the same principle irrespective of if you want to make and sell cakes, or you are building an App that could change the world and your fortune.

4. Don’t rule things out
As much as many of us would love to own 100% of a massively successful business, sometimes this is being a little too greedy. Would it not be better to have 50% or 25% of a successful business than 100% of something that doesn’t work? This philosophy is worth considering when you look at anything from finance, through to working with a co-founder or founders, and also applies when you are considering the type of business you have - be it a sole trader or a social enterprise. Each option you consider will come with different responsibilities, and some may mean potentially earning less, however may potentially help you become more successful in the long run...

5. Use Social Media and Talk too
The advantage of starting a business now, compared to even 5 years ago is that social media can connect you with people and places that would have otherwise been out of reach. This means that you are on a level playing field with an established business and also that you can build up a brand and an identity quite easily without spending very much money. However, this does not mean you should replace talking altogether but simply means that using social media can be a real added benefit to your communication methods and not a replacement.

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Published on: 16th December 2012

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