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5 things that your company's first office needs

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by Startacus Admin

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Snapping up your first office can feel a lot like buying your first house: it's exciting, but also fraught with perils if you don't tread sufficiently carefully. Even if you have a vague idea of what your office needs, further must-haves could only become clear once you've actually moved in. Oop....

To avoid getting caught out in this way, you need a checklist - but it's a long list. Much of it could be summed up with the following few points, making them wise to refer to as your search begins.

Enough space

A startup is a fluid beast that can either falter in its early growth or scale upwards rapidly; you can just never be certain. That's the nature of the game, which is why you'd probably feel drawn towards a particularly spacious office... if it weren't for the relatively hefty price tag that this would entail.
How many people will be in your office at once? Mashable cites the rule of thumb that you set aside 100 to 150 square feet per person. Your budget could rule out an office space much larger anyway.

The right location

pexels photo 3184301Your current employees should have a say on where the office is located. If they currently work at your home, a new office too far from where they live could be beyond practical commuting distance for them, though working remotely could still be an option for them.

Of course, commuting would be easier for them if the new office is sited somewhere with good public transport connections and ample parking, as Talk Business implies.


It's easy to underestimate the costs of sourcing office furniture. Yes, low-end tables and chairs might suffice for your employees' basic needs, but they really deserve better than this. BusinessLoad urges you to "aim for cost-effectiveness instead of frugality at any cost."

As you don't want your staff left with sore backs or necks, the ergonomics of the furniture is crucial. On this subject, you can find out more at Maris, a firm of office fit-out specialists.

The right tech

Your office will need an array of useful amenities, which can include kitchens, bathrooms and break rooms. In any case, it's unmistakable that your workforce will need enough electrical outlets and high-speed internet to stay competitive.

You should remember to invest in high-end hardware built to keep pace with the latest software platforms on which your business could come to heavily rely.

Costs within your budget

If you will be leasing the space, you will obviously need to think of the rent per square foot, while there will be a larger, upfront price to pay if you are buying. However, it's not just the renting or buying price for the office itself that you have to consider.

There are also associated costs, like those of parking and the previously-mentioned furniture and tech hardware. Insuring the whole space and its contents, too, would be an added expense, albeit one you probably deem important to your peace of mind.

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Published on: 12th February 2020

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