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5 Startup New Year's Resolutions

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by Startacus Admin

It’s about time for all that “New Year, New Me” stuff again, which is good - you’ve got to keep moving.

new year resolutions 2015Even your business changes, when you think about it. From the moment you began to reading this sentence, your startup has been through a number of different stages. Even from its business conception to business planning, your business changes. So, why not make 2015 your startup year? Make the smart moves, have your goals and reach them!

To get you on your way, here are 5 resolutions that your startup should try to make and keep all through the year.

Hire someone new

Pretty simple. Bring in a fresh outlook on things into the office! Preferably before this time next year of course.startup resolutions for 2015

The goal here being, to increase the startup’s income or investment to a level where you can afford to hire a new colleague. This is a good sign for your business, as it means two things specifically; there’s financial growth in your company and you’ve managed to expand your workforce to achieve further goals. Of course, hiring a witty, hard working and driven new member can also boost the morale in the workplace, and provide a few chuckles throughout the year. In the worst case scenario, you could have someone to do all the grunt work you’re now too important to do yourself.

Decorate the Office

Another resolution that has a few meanings behind it; we can all agree that working long hours in an office that has startup resolutions for 2015four walls and a desk is somewhat creatively stifling on a good day, and soul destroying on a bad one. Well, freshening up your surroundings, and making things somewhat more comfortable can easily reinvigorate the creativity and work ethic of people in the office.

The other idea behind this resolution, is to encourage you to start making your way to your own office space. Incubators and rented room offices are usually very strict with their decoration policies, this is basically an excuse to get motivated to become so successful, you can afford your own office space, and design the office the way you and your staff would like.

If you haven’t guessed the double sided nature of each of these resolutions, then this will probably save you some time; these all have an ulterior motive.

startup resolutionsGet Featured on at LEAST Five Outlets

That said, getting featured by five different promotions can only be a huge marketing goal. Word will be let out via the networks and fans of the outlets, meaning you’ll see an influx of people and customers flooding to your business. Hopefully.

The other aspect to think about here, is that your marketing policies and team will have to be innovative and willing to reach out and successfully convince the relevant publishers to promote your business. This mens free advertising, and pulling that off right, could mean not paying for complicated and arbitrary social network marketing schemes.

Get a Coffee Machine for the Office

Long days, especially in the cold months can prove very trying for any staff member.

The Startacus tested and proven solution? Coffee! Thisstartup resolution provides an office with a sense of solidarity in making and providing hot caffeine drinks, as well as providing a much needed boost to the people in the office.
Having coffee in the office is also a handy little perk when entertaining potential clients and visitors to the office. This could give a good impression to potential investors, business partners or co workers. Networking over coffee is always beneficial to co-workers and can even help foster a stronger and friendlier work environment.

(Also, if you’re a coffee friendly office, why not check out our amazing Member deal on Coffee)

Talk to a Potential Investor at Least 3 Times this Year

This one is pretty self explanatory. You are a startup - You NEED money. Make sure you actively seek the capital business new year resolutionsyou need to make sure that your startup can survive until it becomes self sufficient. That’s just good practice. There’s no harm in an investor at the earliest stage of your startup’s life.

Another inherent advantage to this would be; If they don’t pay, they probably have some key advice. If an investor doesn’t want to invest, there’s probably a reason. If they’re in a position to invest, then they probably have an inkling what they’re talking about. Use that! That information is worth so much in the grand scheme of business. Find out why they didn’t invest, and if they have no conflicted interest, discuss other options. Closed doors are only good for keeping people away. Which is the exact opposite of what any business wants to do!

...Oh and a secret 6th resolution

Sign up to Startacus (self promotion done!), its free, you can showcase your startup, get loads of fab business deals and also be part of a growing and rather fab self-starter community!!!

There you go ladies and gents, our Resolutions for 2015; That you should definitely try and keep. Here at Startacus, we wish you all the best for the new year and a happy holiday season!

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Published on: 29th December 2014

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