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5 Reasons why sales coaching could be essential for your business

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by Startacus Admin

The benefits of sales coaching are undeniable and have been proven time and time again. Sales coaching allows your employees to unleash their true potential, reach their targets, and allows them to become independent thinkers. A properly coached sales team will be more efficient and increase your bottom line. In this article, we’re going to give you five reasons why every business should consider investing in coaching for their sales team.

Coaching will Keep your Sales Team Up to Date

A more skilled sales team will get better results. Always. And since the sales world is always changing, continuous coaching will allow your sales team to refresh old skills and learn new tricks and strategies. It’s important that your reps stay informed and up to date. A good coaching program will have the tools needed to do this, whether it’s for vets sales coachingor new hires, and will make sure that your sales team is always up to speed.

Coaching with this in mind will improve performance at all levels. Low performers will be able to understand exactly what they’re doing wrong, middle performers will be able to improve with new knowledge, and top-level performers will be more engaged and feel more involved. Continuous coaching will also help your reps adapt to changes in the industry and change their tactics and approach.

Coaching will Allow to Improve on Specific Skills

Coaching is different from sales training in the sense that it doesn’t focus on the general development needs of your team. Instead, coaching is much more personalised and can focus on very specific skills. You could have a coaching program for new hires to help them improve their call planning and prospecting. For more seasoned reps, you could work on things like negotiation or presenting value. With coaching, managers can focus on specific skills reps need to integrate and work on a plan.

Coaching Encourages Discussion

Not every sales rep will have the same strengths and weaknesses and they may have very different issues they have to deal with. Coaching will give you the chance to establish dialogue and let your employees vent on what is setting them back and what they need to perform their job better. This is a great moment for self-assessment and is probably one of the only times when reps can actively work on getting better.

Sales coaching is the perfect opportunity for your salespeople to express their fears and concerns in a safe environment, and a great way for more seasoned reps to share best practices with other team members. And the benefits aren’t for reps only. Managers will also be able to catch a glimpse of the issues their reps have to face.

Coaching will also show your sales team that you actually care about them and are invested in their development. And teaching your managers how to become great coaches coachingthemselves will help them build a trusting relationship with your sales reps. Groups like nazca services, for example, have coaching programs that will help your managers challenge your team's thinking, goals, and willingness to grow.

A side benefit of this is that you’ll also be able to save time in the long run. When your reps know how to convert better, set effective strategies, and be more consistent in their execution, they will become more independent. So, the small investment in coaching will eventually yield long-term results since your managers will not have to be involved in each and every decision or presentation.

Coaching will Increase Retention

High turnover is a common issue with sales teams and it is not an easy issue to deal with. But teaching your managers how to be great coaches can help you significantly improve your retention rate. Many studies have shown that disgruntled employees will more often leave their position because they had issues with managers, not with their job responsibilities or because they had issues with the company. Coaching will create a better team dynamic and allow you to keep more of your employees.

Coaching will Help you Build for the Future

Working on the development of your reps will not only help them improve in their current sales role but it will also allow you to prepare them for bigger responsibilities later on. Developing talent in house is always important and investing in coaching today will help your reps integrate the strategic thinking needed to be the sales managers and leaders of tomorrow.


Investing in coaching is an absolute must if you’re serious about meeting your objectives or if your sales team is struggling. Make sure that you consider instituting a coaching program today if you want your team to perform to the best of their abilities.

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Published on: 7th February 2019

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