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5 Reasons to Get Out of the Rat Race and Start a Business

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by Startacus Admin

getting out the rat race
The world of corporate responsibility is not always an enjoyable one. People find that they start a position with some of the best intentions possible, and they wind up becoming disillusioned with their role and want to find a new one.

For a lot of these individuals, becoming a startup is often the best choice. Read on to discover five different reasons why you should get out of the “rat race” and form your own company sooner rather than later.

The Rat Race Ultimately Has No End

You may well be someone who manages to content themselves with the knowledge that when you get out of this job, you’ll be able to retire with a fortune in the bank. However, this dream sadly remains that more often than not. 

The problem with a corporate career is that it has no end. You either rise to the very top of one company, or you leave for better prospects and start the whole vicious cycle all over again. It’s difficult to thrive in such an environment, which is why it can be essential to try and consider a startup life instead, where the freedom is more abundant and the element of choice clear.

You'll Have Unlimited Earning Potential

One of the advantages of a startup is that you can put in as many or as few hours as you want and not encounter any problems. It is your business, and thus the scale of it is entirely up to you. 

One thing that this does give you, however, is the chance to earn as much as you like without restrictions. You don’t have to worry about how your salary compares to others in your workplace, your industry, or measuring it against average industry salaries included in a compensation benchmarking survey, or even worrying that your pay will be docked without warning. You are free to earn as much as you like, and it is incredibly freeing for a lot of people! The flip of that of course is that you have to worry about earning the money to pay yourself that desired salary - but that's perhaps for another article!

You Pick Your Hours

One of the cool things about being a startup is that you get to choose the hours you spend working. It’s a lot easier to take time away for essential elements when you’re the person who establishes the schedule.

We suggest taking the time to explore a whole range of options, to find the working hours that appeal to you and make sure that you take the time away from the office that you need. It’ll help a lot in the long run.

You have Complete Creative Control

Perhaps something that a lot of people do not first see with a startup is that creative control belongs to you and you alone. Have you ever found yourself tired and wishing that you could run the project? Or that your boss isn’t taking your creative input seriously even though it could be amazing? Well, with a startup, you can introduce whatever idea you want, and there isn’t anything that can be said to try and stop you.

Freedom, Ensured

Freedom means a lot of things to a lot of different people. You’ll find that when it comes to securing yours successfully, you’ve got to make sure that you have a career that allows you to make the most out of your life.

A startup will help you to be able to do just that. Do you want to invest in some new clothes for the office? You can. Fancy working a half-day and then brainstorming with a colleague the next morning? You can. It’s your company and your freedom, which is the ideal environment for a lot of people to flourish. The corporate world isn’t for everyone after all, and it is up to you to try and figure out if you’re going to stay in it or break out and become a startup company.



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Published on: 29th August 2019

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