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5 Quirky Business Cards to Make You Memorable

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by Startacus Admin

Business cards are a basic tool for any business person. They tell potential clients or customers who and what you are, and how to get hold of you. Over the years, people have tried to achieve the same thing with something a little more ‘special’ with objects such as pens and keyrings, but we always come back around to the simple card. But it doesn’t need to be that simple. Here are 5 examples of more quirky and memorable business cards that keep their issuers from being forgotten.

Plantable business cards

Particularly relevant, of course, to businesses that have some connection to nature (anything from gardeners and landscapers to coffee businesses), these cards are printed on post-consumer materials containing seeds. This means that the cards can be planted and flowers, herbs or vegetables grow in their place. So, if being green and eco-friendly is a strong point of your business, you could do worse than to print your details on plantable paper.

quirky business cards

Pulse-reading business card

This is a perfect example of a creative business card reflecting the business. The aim of MobilECG is to make electrocardiograms accessible and affordable, and develop mobile units for this purpose. Keeping with the theme, they have created these business cards that read your pulse. Of course, it isn’t a substitute for an actual ECG, but it couldn’t suit MobilECG’s business better.

MobilECG Business Card

Lock picks

Kevin Mitnick went from being one of the FBI’s Most Wanted to being a trusted security consultant worldwide. He is a ‘white hat hacker’, which means companies and government organisations pay him and his team to hack into their systems to find security vulnerabilities. It makes sense, then, that Mitnick’s business card (which the company also sells) is a metaphor for his job: a lock pick set. And it’s not just for show; these metal picks can be removed from the card and actually used to pick locks. But we know that you would only use them for entertainment purposes and when you forget the key to your desk drawer. Right?

Lock picking business card

Lock picking business card

Cards that put a face to a name

These business cards, designed by creative studio REACTOR, literally put a face to a name. When the recipient places the card on the edge of a table, the end can be pushed down to make your head and shoulders pop up. Not only are these unique but, with the number of cards many businesspeople receive on an almost daily basis, they solve the problem of you dissolving into the sea of unmemorable faces and names.

quirky business cards

3D buildable business cards

It may not be appealing to everyone to have a miscellany of cute or quirky 3D knick-knacks littering their desks, but here and there they can be particularly eye-catching and even useful. Fold-out easels for an artist or gallery can be used to hold other cards; a watchmaker’s pop-up sundial can be vaguely practical for an hour or two per day; a card that be taken apart and rebuilt into a little car can be an amusing distraction. If the card can be easily kept in a flat form, all the better. As long as there isn’t too much work involved in transforming the card, there’s a good chance it will be both eye-catching and memorable.  Check out some examples of pop-up business cards here.  The one below was created by illustrator and paper engineer Tina Kraus

quirky business cards
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Published on: 13th March 2016

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