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5 more tips on driving traffic to your website

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by Startacus Admin

Last week we highlighted 5 tips on driving traffic to your website and we promised we would be back with 5 more tips. So we are. Back that is. With 5 driving traffic to your websitemore tips surprisingly.

Last week we highlighted Providing Good Content, Social Media, Offline Marketing and Sales, e-marketing, and Becoming Synonymous as our first 5 tips that don’t rely on and involve direct SEO work. There can’t be five more, I hear you cry - well yes there are and perhaps (maybe) next week we will return with 5 more (the suspense will drive you crazy!)

So without further ado, here are those 5 tips you can’t do without:

Have something Worthwhile

This probably really should have been in our first post as most of the other points are only significant if there is something worthwhile for a ‘visitor’ or ‘customer’ to see, buy or share when they visit your website. Make sure that your website is optimised in terms of the experience, the usability, the opportunity to buy, and the ease at which your customer can make that transaction.

Social Media Ads

Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Twitter ads - all three methods cost - but all three can be responsible for driving immediate traffic to your site and then potentially turning that traffic into paying customers. Also if you have a piece of promotional marketing, a picture, or a piece of writing that you can share via Facebook - you can also pay for that particular message to be promoted.

Press releases

Finding a good reason for a press release is key here - however most press releases are manufactured to make sure that the most recent news, story / non-story, celebration, makes the news. News = off and online media coverage and media coverage, whether it is good, bad or indifferent, and will certainly help drive traffic to your company website.

Email Signature

Every opportunity should be given to drive traffic to your website, and a worthy but not all that often explored option is the email signature. By simply adding a blurb and link at the bottom of your email (you can usually set this up automatically to be there with every email that you send), you are giving yourself a new opportunity for your website and business to be marketed and reached.

Create a promo video

They say (who are ‘they’ we wonder?) that a picture paints a thousand words and this is often very true of a promo video. Creating a clever promo video can have an amazing impact on your website traffic and also your overall business. Now don’t get me wrong, for every good promo video, there are 99 bad ones and it can take a few efforts and lots of creativity to get a worthy and sharable video, but the impact it can have on your business can be massive. A case in mind of this is this recent French toilet paper advert which went viral - and has had over 4 million hits to date. Proving how this relates to hits directly to the company website is tough - but when a video goes viral, the impact can be huge all round for the business or product it promotes.

Emma, Le Trefle (English)

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Published on: 30th April 2013

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