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5 London Technology Week Events

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Interested in going to this years London Technology Week (15-21 June)? If so read on for our rundown on some of the events that might tickle your fancy...

Last week, you may remember that we let you know of the opportunity to host your very own event at this years
London Technology week. It's perhaps an unmissable opportunity for anyone who wants to learn more about the business world and how they can effectively promote their businesses and ideas.

London Tech Week 2015We’re staying on form this week, as it's time to give you a rundown of some of the best events that will be taking place throughout the weekend. The festival is huge, and is one of the most successful technology festivals in the world, so it is no surprise that they have a plethora of lectures, workshops and meetings to choose from. An array of different topics are covered, from IT, gaming, technology and finance. You’ll be absolutely spoiled for choice!

This is definitely good news, especially for any of you readers who are interested in attending the festival, but you may be wondering, with all of these fantastic events to choose from, where do you start?! With over 203 events held at different venues throughout London, the whole thing can be quite overwhelming.

For that reason, we’ve decided to compile a list of what we think could be 5 of the most beneficial events taking place throughout the week and should not be missed if you have any interest in entrepreneurship, technology or business. Of course, this is not a definitive list and there are a ton of other events to attend, but we’ve done our best to highlight a few that will help you get the most out of the festival while you’re there. All of the events listed here are also free! So you have no need to worry about additional costs -- just enjoy what London Technology Week has to offer.

Raising External Finance – A Business Growth Service and Crowdcube event. Grant Thornton UK LLP, June 16th

Over time crowdfunding has become one of the most effective ways to raise capital for your business. If done correctly, you can see great success with it and it is one of the more modern options for fundraising, There is araising external finance certain degree of sincerity that comes along with it and it is no secret that efforts can definitely pay off. The process of crowdfunding can be quite simple, but to those who are thinking about an array of different options when it comes to fundraising, an event like this may help them make up their minds by highlighting the benefits of crowdfunding and what it can mean for your business.

It is a workshop presented by both Business Growth Service and Crowdcube. Together, along with the founder of private communications platform, Fabric, Kerri-Lynn Hauk, they will discuss what important steps you must take in order to have a successful fundraiser.

Interop London, ExCel London E16 1XL, 16 - 18th June    

Interop London is perhaps one of the more prestigious events taking place during the festival and definitely should not be missed if you’re in any way interested in technology and the world of IT.Interop London

The event will take place in London’s ExCel centre from June 16th-18th and is a fantastic opportunity for tech heads to experience current global trends and vendor solutions first hand. These trends will include but will not be limited to things such as cloud computing, cyber security and invigorating demonstrations of hands-on-tech. So, if you’re wise enough to give Interop a shot, you’ll be able to see what the fascinating world of IT has to offer for yourself and hopefully become inspired while doing so!

We live in a world that is totally immersed in technology and it has had a profound effect on how we live our lives. With that being said, the event will feature a plethora of IT professionals who will show us just how much new and emerging technologies can change the world we live in and the infrastructure of the enterprise.

It’s all in the name – The importance of having the right online brand identity, Location TBC, June 18th

If you want to have a fair shot at starting a successful business in this day and age, it is important to ensure that your digital footprint is as big as it possibly can be. Thankfully, during this event a panel of experts will discuss what exactly your company’s online identity it is and how it can help you on the road to success.

Setting Up and Growing Your Business in London,  Rainmaking Loft, International House, 1 St Katherine's Way, June 15th

Setting up a business in London can seem like a bit of a tall order considering the capital is home to a hub of fantastic innovation and permutation when it comes to technology. Where on earth do your start?business name

During this event, London & Partners along with UK Trade and Investment will gladly discuss London’s technology landscape and what it’s all about. They will also discuss the best way to use the city’s ecosystem to your advantage and how you can use it to help your business grow effectively. 

After the discussion you will have the opportunity to hear from some of London’s most successful entrepreneurs as they tell you their story in order to spark inspiration within all of those who attend. There will also be an opportunity to network after the main event, meaning that you will have the chance to meet you like-minded people and make connections with those who may be able to help you out in the future.

VideoWorks: Enterprise Video Summit, Charlotte Street Hotel, Screening Room, 15-17 Charlotte Street, June 18th

More and more businesses nowadays are using the wonders of video to drive themselves forward and widen their audience. It is definitely one of the most effective ways to increase awareness of your business and is a fantastic way to advertise.

If you want to learn more about how video can help push your business in the right direction, you’d be mad to miss this event. If you attend you will be given the opportunity to learn more about the latest video trends, see hands on demonstrations with your own eyes and you will have the chance to network with like-minded individuals who love video as much as you do. You’ll also be able to seek invaluable advice from leading video experts at some of London’s hottest Fortune 500 companies. The aim of the game is to help attendees realise just how much of a positive effect the use of video can have for your company

There you have it folks, a rundown of 5 free-of-charge events that you can attend during London Technology Week. There is a lot more going on throughout the week, so don’t be afraid to check out the full event list. Who knows, you may find something else that tickles your fancy. We’d be here forever if we talked about everything that is going on, but trust us when we say that there is definitely something for everyone...

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Published on: 19th May 2015

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