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5 Benefits of Using Temp Agencies in the Hospitality Industry

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In the hospitality industry, details are important. Those who pay attention to the smallest details will have the most success. However, it is also important for hospitality businesses to understand the market that they are targeting as not every business is pitching to the luxury market. Luxury hospitality is often heavily reliant of procedures being followed. More luxurious hotel chains, for example, tend to have a more rigorous and demanding training program than the average hotel.

However, for establishments with a more relaxed atmosphere, where there is perhaps less emphasis on tradition and where staff training can be completed relatively quickly, temping agencies can be a valuable and fruitful source of staff. There are benefits not only to making use of temporary staff, but also to sourcing these staff through a reputable temping agency.

Here we take a look at 5 key benefits that should give any business owner operating within the hospitality industry enough reason to consider using a temp agency so take on new staff members.

Save Time

Going through an experienced and reputable recruitment agency will dramatically reduce the time and costs involved in finding new staff members. If you find yourself with a sudden and unexpected demand for new staff members in your business, then a temping agency can spring into action to help provide you with a stopgap solution. You can use the temporary staff to keep the day to day business going while you interview long term replacements.

If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself trying to manage a scenario where multiple individuals from within the same department are unable to work, or leave their jobs within a short space of time, then a temp agency is your best bet at securing some reliable cover until you can fill positions on a more permanent basis.

Access to a Large Pool of Candidates

Just because an individual is looking for work through a temp agency, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have any specialised skills or qualifications to bring to the table. In fact, there are many skilled individuals who, for a variety of reasons, offer their services through temping agencies. Temping agencies in the UK, one example being the London based agency Staff Heroes, are home to the CVs of millions of people and among them is bound to be someone with the skills you need.

Shorten the Process

The process of recruiting candidates, even for short term work, is usually a time consuming one. Any business who has to go through this process, especially when they need staff in a hurry, will understand just how laborious things can become when there are gaps on the team. When you’re short staffed you don’t just want things to be completed quickly, you want things to be simpler as well. Using a temping agency will reduce the entire process down to a simple interview.

Identify Strong Performers

In the hospitality industry, it is always a joy for business owners and managers to encounter staff who have a natural knack for customer facing roles. When you hire staff through a temp agency you may well come across some individuals who you think work particularly well. You can always approach these people directly later or request them from the temping agency.

Outsource the Vetting

By using a temping agency to source your staff you are able to have the agency take care of the vetting process. When hiring individuals to work in hospitality, you want to know that they are going to be reasonably comfortable around members of the public. A temping agency can filter out candidates who would be unsuited for a front-facing role.

Temping agencies are a fruitful route for hospitality businesses who need to hire reliable staff as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Published on: 1st March 2018

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