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5 Benefits of coworking spaces

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by Startacus Admin

There is  no introduction necessary to this particular 'buzz word' that seems to have quadrupled in popularity since the beginning of 2014... but we will give you one anyway.

Coworking is essentially working in a shared work environment; it allows for networking and collaboration for numerous industries, business owners and individuals. It also comes in the form of many spaces, such as offices, collaborative hubs and open spaces. Pretty easy to grasp right? Good. Now let's discuss these fantastic benefits...

1. First and foremost, coworking gets you out of your lonely isolated home, and puts you right in the middle of a creative working environment! So before you start believing that your pet fish is your coworkingonly friend, why not get out into the available coworking hubs in your area and find human professionals who will gladly chat away to you, and they won't even expect you to feed them!

2. That leads us onto our second benefit (not the feeding part thank you). Coworking environments allow you to meet people that can add value to your professional network! Struggling to lift your business off the ground? Well let coworking introduce you to your way to success! Idea sharing is exceptionally common within coworking hubs and you might discover or even come across that idea you've been searching for, just with a little help and discussion from a fellow coworker.

3. Thirdly, in addition to good company and increased network expansion, coworking is really affordable! Of course this differs by location and facilities but you can expect to pay from £100 per month for lean desk space. Save your pennies for the other important stuff that will benefit your business.

4. In fourth place is a benefit that many business individuals and owners struggle to find today: flexibility. The traditional work environment expects you to systematically work round the clock and work towards someone else's targets and expectations. Sounds incredible huh? On the brighter and more flexible side, coworking enables you to work freely to your own schedule, so you can easily work around picking the kids up from school or fitting in time for the gym, although lets face it what sane entrepreneurial/ business focused person has time for the gym these days? You have our permission to cross 'gym' off your list. Forever.

5. And finally, a coworking space automatically directs you into a professional mindset. Do you really feel like you're working hard with the telly on in the background and all those little kitchen breaks for whatever is left standing in the fridge? We highly doubt it. By putting yourself in a coworking environment surrounded by like-minded people, you are immediately more susceptible to actually achieving those targets that you had set months ago, and potentially a whole lot more in the process.

While this all sounds advantageous, you're probably thinking that a coworking community might be hard to find, but they are actually much closer and more numerous that you could imagine!

So please, ditch another comfortable clothes day in front of that ghastly day time television and find a coworking hub near could be the easy lift that your business has been in need of.

Desk Union offers flexible, affordable and lean workspace to the start-up and small business community. We work with businesses to create coworking hubs within their unoccupied office space that encourage collaboration, skills sharing and networking.

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Published on: 15th September 2012

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