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5 areas where startups are aiming to change the automotive industry

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The automotive industry is developing rapidly thanks to new technologies; this list outlines 5 of the areas where progressive startups are aiming to have an impact. 

lance-asper-N9Pf2J656aQ-unsplashIn recent years, the automotive industry has been developing especially rapidly, constantly introducing new technologies designed to improve the quality of driving, increase the comfort of the drivers. By analyzing the startup market in the automotive industry, we can predict what technologies we will use in the next 10 years. Of course, you may have questions about how you can monitor all emerging technologies at the same time, because new startups are constantly appearing. However, to answer this question, we have made a list of 5 of the areas where progressive startups  in the automotive industry are aiming to have an impact. Many people are still surprised by the phenomenon of startups being able to  influence the industry so quickly without having much experience. There are many possible explanations, including the fact that startups are usually willing to experiment with new technologies, which leads to innovative thinking and radical new solutions.

  • 1. Car rental services

To get inspired, let's start with examples of startups that have become successful and have grown into a full-fledged business. Car rental services appeared not so long ago in the automotive industry, and now they are part of most people's lives. We use car rental services especially often when traveling to explore a new place on the car on our own. At the same time, using rental services have a big number of advantages in comparison with taxi services, because you can choose a car yourself depending on your preferences and budget. Even premium car rental in Dubai today is available for the users. It secures safety and reliability. The provision of such services shows the level of a small car rental startup that once grew into a popular car rental service in the UAE.

  •  2. Self-driving cars

bram-van-oost-4xM5cytsdMo-unsplashA self-driving or autonomous vehicle minimizes the need for human drivers and, possibly, cordially could change the culture of driving a car. Zoox Labs is working on developing self-driving technology. One of the main goals is to ensure greater safety by reducing the number of accidents caused by driver fatigue or loss of attention. Automatic motors technology allows you to recognize obstacles on the way in advance and inform the driver about it.

  • 3. Electrification

The main trend of recent years is green energy and the future of our planet depends on it. No doubt everyone knows about the legendary Tesla, but this is not the end of the history of the development of electric cars. Car companies are also focused on creating more fuel-efficient cars, including models that run exclusively on electricity. One of the main issues that arise when buying an electric car is its charging. The German startup Charges offers an optimal solution for charging electric vehicles, which turns parking spaces into charging stations. The solution recognizes the power requirements of each vehicle and automatically monitors the charging speed for each one.

  • 4. 3D printing

osman-talha-dikyar-NMCABEhN0RE-unsplash3D printing greatly helps the automotive industry. It allows manufacturers to print spare parts to match their requirements. By using such materials automotive parts become more durable. The 3D printed material is more affordable, lightweight, resistant, and also offers increased strength. The Austrian startup Moi manufactures high-performance parts for the automotive industry by using 3D printers.

  • 5. Blockchain

Blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies are increasingly appearing in our lives, practically everyone is trying to understand the principles of its work in order to implement it into life and for good reason. In the automotive industry, blockchain technologies can be used as an exchange of vehicle data or to verify cargo deliveries. Tech startup DEV offers to use a blockchain to control the supply of goods, in this way the system allows to find and track service providers or customers around motorists.

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Published on: 21st March 2022

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