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4 reasons your business should consider a customer relationship management system

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by Startacus Admin

A customer relationship management (CRM) system is one of the most valuable tools that you can invest in for your business.  Not only does a CRM system enable you to collect a variety of data about your customers – such as their preferences, their communication with your brand, their demographics, and their spending habits – but it can also help to improve your conversion rates and thus your profits.  In this article, we’re going to provide you with four great reasons why your business should consider investing in CRM.

1. It Will Help You Sell More

As mentioned above, a CRM can collect a lot of data about your customers.  This data can then be used to target them with specific offers and deals, leading to an increase in sales.  For example, if you record your customer’s birthday on your CRM, you can make sure to send them a discount on their birthday.  Or, if you record information about their spending habits, you can contact them when something they may be interested in is placed on special offer.  Targeted marketing is key to increasing sales and a CRM can help you achieve this with ease.

2. It Will Help You Generate More Leads

Your customer relationship management system will enable you to easily find out who your best customers are.  You can see who spends the most, who has the highest level of engagement with your brand, and who is the most satisfied.  You can then contact these customers and ask them to refer your business to family or friends; you can even offer a promotion to those who do so.  This is a really simple way of generating more leads and is sure to be more effective than targeting everyone in your database.

3. It Will Improve Customer Service

Customer retention is incredibly important in the competitive landscape of 2019.  After all, happy customers will continue to shop with you while unhappy ones won’t – and will probably tell others about their dissatisfaction too.  A CRM system can help you to identify which customers are unhappy and why.  Not only can this information be used to improve the service you currently offer, but it can also enable your sales team to reach out to dissatisfied customers and try to turn things around.  With your customers’ details already at hand, your sales team can refer back to the problem in question and try to help seek an effective solution.

4. It Will Help You Automate Customer Relationship Tasks

Finally, as Piesync explain in their article comparing two leading CRM management systems – Hubspot and Salesforce – automation is playing a very important role in business these days.  The leading CRM systems can automate a variety of CRM tasks that can help to turn a lead into a new customer.  Lead scoring, customer event triggers, and revenue tracking can all be automated, saving your sales team time that could be better used in other ways.

If your business isn’t currently making use of a CRM system, hopefully, this article has shown why it is worth the investment.

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Published on: 6th June 2019

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