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4 cardinal rules to become an ETF trader

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by Startacus Admin

Becoming good at ETF trading can become an easier task. By following some key rules, you can become able to trade the market like a pro-Singaporean traders. Thousands of rules are there to help you improve your skills. But exploring thousands of rules and trying to earn in millions is a very very tough task. To simplify the process of hopefully making money, we are going to discuss the 4 cardinal rules of trading ETF’s successfully. Let's get into the details...

Do you know the ETF industry?

You need to ask yourself whether you know the ETF industry. If not, it’s time to learn more about ETF. Taking random trades without having a strong knowledge about this market is never going to work. You have to focus on your long term goals and take the trades with low risk. This will be only be possible when you have decent knowledge about price dynamics. Traders often become confused because they don’t have the skills to deal with the market data. Making money and living your life is not so easy. If you want to survive in trading, you have to stick to the core concept of trading.

So, what is the core concept of trading? Taking trades with low risk. If you take aggressive steps and try to earn a huge amount of money, it’s just a matter of time until you blow up your trading account. ETF trading is very hard and you have a strong knowledge of this subject.

Are you willing to learn?

You must be open to learning about ETF from scratch. Without having the will power to derive the details of this market, you will keep losing money. It’s like your currency trading business. You have to be very careful about the selection of the asset and only then will you be able to execute high-quality trades. Being an excited trader, you may think that you know everything. But no one can guarantee that they know the full details of this market. Due to the unpredictable nature of the market, the traders need to keep learning.

Consider yourself as a student when you trade ETF. Those who want to consider them as a trader, should not join this business. It’s more about learning new things rather than taking some trades. So, follow this rule very carefully.

Stop taking a high risk

Rule number 3, you can’t trade with high risk. Taking the trades with high risk put a great risk to your trading career. People become frustrated and quit trading after losing a few trades. Since the lots are too big, it becomes impossible to recover the loss. But blowing the account is not the end of the career. You can always come back and execute a trade with leading professionals. But during a break, you must learn how this market works. You must jump to the real market with a strong trading method. If it is too hard, you should take a short break.

Never lose confidence

Rule number 4, you can’t afford to lose confidence. If you lose confidence in trading, you will blow up your account in no time. You can stay in a sidelines if you don’t feel like trading. Taking breaks is a great way to improve your performance. Stop chasing the market like a wild cat. Try to calm yourself down and accept losing trades as a part of this business. When you begin to consider this as your business, you will be able to take trades without using any complicated data. Simplify your trading strategy to simplify your life. Be careful about the execution of the trades.

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Published on: 18th June 2020

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