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3D Printed Nano Sculpture- World's Tiniest Woman

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Once again we have 3D printing to thank for making our jaws drop in speechless awe, as we discover yet another wondrous application for this burgeoning technology 3D Printed Nano Sculpture

Jonty Hurwitz (engineer and artist) has used a form of 3D printing to forge what is believed to be the smallest representation of the human form ever created… and yes, it’s really REALLY small.

In our age of biggest ‘this’ and tallest ‘that’ Johnt has bucked the trend, by heading in the complete opposite direction with his series of nano sculptures which are so tiny that they can only be seen with an electron microscope.

Rulers at the Ready

The tiny sculpture of a woman, entitled ‘trust’ measures just 80 x 20 x 100 microns, which in laymans terms means ‘really, really small’, so small in fact that it makes our proverbial measuring stick ‘the breadth of a human hair’ look positively vast (see picture below).

The Sciency Bit

This little lady is the work of new 3D printing technique ‘multiphoton lithography’ which simply put means, using ultraviolet wavelengths to create 3D pixels called ‘voxels’, and then manipulating them one by one until eventually the sculpture has taken shape… we’ll take their word for it!

Some would argue that creating a piece of art so small that no one can see it is something of an exercise in futility, others will say that its a wonderful representation of the futility of our modern capitalist system. We just think its really cool!

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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Published on: 21st November 2014

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