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30% of the UK's jobs at risk of automation

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The Countries at Risk From Automation!

According to new research by, at 82%, the UK takes fourth place in the list of European countries being most ready for automation and robotics, whilst 30% of the UK population’s jobs are at risk of automation.

The research also offers insight into the amount of global revenue automation is set to generate in the next three years and which automation and jobsindustries are at highest risk around the world. 

Least prepared

According to research, Slovakia is the least prepared country for implementing automation and robotics, with the nation being only 29% ready, despite a workforce of 44% that is at risk.

Russia is also one of the least prepared nations when it comes to automation, with the country only being 19% for the changeover, yet 23% of jobs being at risk. This was also true for the Czech Republic and Greece.

Poland and Italy were also featured as some of the riskiest countries, with Poland being 33% ready for the change, but with 33% of jobs at risk. This was the same for Italy, with the country being 39% ready for automation, but also 39% of their workforce in jeopardy of losing their jobs from these changes.

The Countries Ready for the Move

One of the most industrialised countries in the world the Netherlands leads the way, with the country being crowned as the most prepared for implementing automation. The research reveals the Netherlands is 95% ready for the change, with 31% of their workforce at risk from losing their jobs.

The Netherlands is home to companies such as ING Group and Shell but is also internationally recognised for its agriculture, materials, and technology.

The Scandinavian region followed closely behind, with three countries featuring in the top five. Denmark was automation and jobsthe second-most prepared country for automation at 88% with around 31% of jobs at risk. Sweden, home to Sony Ericsson and Spotify, followed closely behind with the nation being 83% prepared, with 25% of its workforce at risk of automation replacing workers.

At 82% the United Kingdom takes fourth place in the list of countries being most ready for automation and robotics, whilst 30% of the UK population’s jobs are at risk of automation.

Finland rounds off the top five, with the county being 81% ready, whilst only having 22% of jobs at risk - the lowest number in Europe.

Robotics Profits are Booming

The research also reveals the amount of revenue the automation sector is expected to make over the next few years, with worldwide revenues in 2016 amounting to around $271 million - and this year, it’s set to make around $1.5 billion. 

As the world prepares for automation, the amount of revenue is predicted to double by 2022 - reaching an all-time high of $3 billion.


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Published on: 15th January 2020

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