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3 Useful Tips for SaaS Entrepreneurs

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Got an early stage SaaS startup? These tips on launching, selling and maintaining your SaaS solution are well worth a look...

glenn-carstens-peters-npxXWgQ33ZQ-unsplashIf you want to offer a unique solution to the marketplace in the form of a SaaS business, you have many tough challenges in front of you. One of the biggest is explaining a solution to a problem many people may not even know existed. You then have all the challenges that come with launching, selling, and maintaining a SaaS application. Thankfully, you have lots of history to learn from and can afford to avoid some of the mistakes people before you have made. Let’s take a look at some useful tips all SaaS entrepreneurs should follow.

Privilege B2B Solutions

You could build a SaaS solution for virtually anything and anybody, but the best opportunities seem to be on the B2B side. You can charge business owners much more for this kind of service and they are more likely to stay loyal to a solution they and their teams are accustomed to. So, try to find out what business owners are trying to find solutions for by looking at the questions they ask. A very valuable tool that you could use here is Inlinks. This will allow you to pull questions related to any keyword and give you something to start brainstorming on.

Learn the Art of the Prelaunch

If you’re still at the conceptual stage, it would be wise for you to start learning about pre-launching as this is one of the most important aspects of running a successful SaaS business. You can always recover from a sluggish start, but it will be much more difficult. Starting with good numbers will give you some cash flow you can work with, but also the opportunity to find out what people like and don’t like about the product and apply swift changes that will improve your app's quality, brand image, and sales.

Pre-launching should start with a solid round of beta testing. You should also work on introducing the problem you're trying to solve. Explain how this problem is affecting businesses and spend a lot of time educating your audience. Move them carefully through a sales funnel with a well-thought-out and logically sequenced marketing content targeting strategy.

headway-5QgIuuBxKwM-unsplashYour blog will play an important role in your pre-launch, and you should ramp up your blog creation, but you have to focus on other types of content as well. As Massimo Chieruzzi advises, “Content marketing doesn't end with your blog. It should be a key part of your product too”. Video content, whether self-created or created by others, could help here. You could consider connecting with influencers in your space who you think would be excited by your idea. Finding influencers who are genuinely interested in your product and will convey their genuine enthusiasm to their fans could be the single most powerful buzz-building tool you can use, so don't brush off this idea.

Consider Offering a Free Product

Another thing you should consider doing before officially releasing your app would be to create a small free product that solves part of your audience's problems. Clearbit and its Connect tool is a prime example of how you can implement their strategy. Their core service enriches customer leads by allowing people to gather additional contact information automatically. But since it's an API, only developers can use it, so they created their tool to allow people to automatically enrich leads in their Gmail accounts. This makes their brand accessible to a much larger group. So, consider if you could create a tool that can be used by a wider audience for free. This could allow you to drive distribution at different levels in a company in the case of a B2B app.

The SaaS field is a great one to be in at the moment, and if you have a great idea for a product and execute it correctly, then there's a real chance that you could become very successful, very fast. Keep studying the field and learn as much from other products in your space and others before you make the jump.

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Published on: 11th April 2022

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