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3 new business startup considerations

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Nobody said launching a new business is easy. Startups come with many considerations and planning stages. Below, we have outlined some of the common themes that many new businesses may wish to bear in mind at the outset.

Broadband - stay connected or miss out

pexels 374016Broadband isn’t just something that’s nice to have. Broadband shouldn’t be seen as just an optional extra that you might get around to looking into one day when you get a minute. Broadband is a necessity, and finding the broadband deals to suit you and your startup should be a priority. Businesses need to be able to send and receive online communications, both in terms of allowing for efficient contact with clients/customers and in terms of staff productivity. Look into broadband options now to ensure you don’t miss out on greater contact with your clients or customers and to create as efficient an online workflow as possible. For example, visit where you can compare deals from various broadband providers.

Workspace and business address - is a home address suitable?

Many startups spring from a spare room or backroom, or a garage in the case of the founders of Apple, but that means your business address is going to be your home address. The question over whether this is suitable can only be answered by you. Think about who you are trying to attract to your business. If the answer is a high-roller clientele that expects a first rate service, you may wish to look into the costs of renting office space for the sake of meeting the expectations of your desired audience. However, keeping costs down at the outset is likely to be desirable, so shop around for a deal on rented business space, and make use of a back room or spare room or garage for as long as possible.

Data storage considerations

pexels 577585Businesses create data. Lots and lots of data. From user details to staff details to records of payments, invoices, and even office supplies, your business may have more spreadsheets and documents to store and maintain than you could imagine. This means that you may wish to consider the safe storage of all of this data. For example, you could invest in removable storage and perform your own data backups at the end of each day. However, where the cost of the loss of a full day of data is more expensive than is deemed acceptable, you may wish to invest in online storage.

Online storage and data backup service providers may also offer other services that could be of use to you, depending on the nature of your business. For example, where access to software is an option, this means that you won’t have to provide your own company software and you most likely won’t have to renew any certifications as the service provider will take care of everything, including monitoring and rolling out software updates. These things are worth considering if you want more time to focus on your core duties.

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Published on: 4th September 2020

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