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3 Career-Boosting Skills That Anyone Can Learn

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by Startacus Admin

career skills
Learning a new skill is an excellent exercise in self-improvement. The internet has now made it possible for anyone to learn just about anything that they put their mind to.

There are a myriad of skills and knowledge out there, just waiting for you to take the initiative and look them up. Not only will learning new skills help you with your self-confidence and give you something positive to focus on, it is also a great way of opening up some new potential career pathways.

Whether you are looking to equip yourself in order to embark on an entirely new career path, or you’re hoping to give your resume a boost by adding some new, marketable skills, the internet is an almost endless source of new knowledge and skills which anyone can learn at any time. Here are some of the best skills to learn in terms of the potential returns compared to the time that you will have to put in.

Learn to Repair Just About Anything

These days you can quite easily get by without ever learning how to fix anything for yourself. There is no end of people who will be happy to take your money in exchange for repairing your broken and damaged items. However, while paying someone else to fix your stuff might be the easiest and quickest way of getting it fixed, it is definitely not very satisfying.

On the other hand, learning to carry out repairs on your own is not only far more satisfying, it is much cheaper. Repairing many items is a lot easier than people assume it will be, and as an added bonus you will get to see how it works up-close. Repairing stuff is fun, and definitely a useful skill to have, but how can it help your career?

Well, as mentioned above, people are willing to pay to have their stuff fixed, especially if you can do it for less money than the original manufacturer would charge. Being able to repair items is also a useful skill to add to your CV when you apply for a variety of different jobs, for example, if you are applying to work in a second-hand electronic retailer, then the ability to potentially fix faulty appliances for customers could be considered a very valuable skill.

career skills

Learn to Code

In our increasingly digital world, it is easy to see the value in being able to code. Not only does being able to code open up a plethora of new job opportunities, it also gives you a whole new way of having fun and being creative. There are a lot of different areas that you can choose to specialize in when learning to code.

App development has become one of the most popular coding pursuits in recent years, and it isn’t hard to see why. Mobile apps can potentially bring in some serious money for their creators, and the only limits on what they can do are the developers’ imaginations. Browsing the app store for your smartphone will very quickly reveal the mindboggling range of functionality of which they are capable.

As well as developing apps and software, there are also other uses for coding, such as SQL (structured query language, which is used for communicating with or "querying" databases). Often, people trying to learn a programming language have some sort of previous programming experience, so for beginners it would be worth looking online for a guide to SQL which can talk you through the basics of the language, what it is, and how it is used, in terms a beginner would understand.

If you are looking to embark on a new career, or you just want to expand your options for the future, then learning a new skill is an excellent first step. The internet offers endless learning opportunities for those who are willing to seek them out so have a look online today for some courses that interest you.

Develop Your Artistic Talents

Many people assume, quite incorrectly, that those who are good at a creative endeavor, whether it’s drawing, painting, music or writing, possess some kind of natural talent which allows them to excel creatively. The reality is, with only a few exceedingly rare exceptions, people who excel creatively do so because they have dedicated hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of hours to their chosen craft. This should be excellent news to anyone who has been deterred from pursuing an artistic skill because they feel that they are lacking the necessary talent.

If you want to learn how to draw or illustrate, for example, then this is something that anyone can pursue on their own. There are a great many resources online for learning how to draw, as well as a number of books on the subject. Different people will have different preferred learning styles; some people will find instructional videos from YouTube the best method, while others will want to take lessons and receive instruction from another person.

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Published on: 15th February 2018

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