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23 things learnt from founding a Tech company..

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by Startacus Admin

12. Do stuff that no one else can - Cause that will make you huge, so long as people want it.

13. Get others to care as much as you do - You're passion is your biggest strength. If you can infect those around you with the same passion then you're on to a winner. Wither it's an intern, a team member, a customer or a mentor getting them to share your passion will make them run through brick walls for your company.

14. Be open - Stop being a squirrel! No one is out to steal your idea. If you're open, seek help and help others you'll soon find that life is easier and you'll make much more progress.Cally Russell

15. Think 5 steps ahead - Live in the moment but make sure you know what you're next moves are. If you can manage this then you can keep growing and won't end up standing still.

16. Follow your gut and back it up with data - Your story is so much more powerful if you have the data to back it up. Plus, your gut is why you started a company - listen to it.

17. Spend ever pound like its your last, but don't be afraid to spend it - I'm so tight with money it's shocking, I question every purchasing decision but I'm more than happy to spend the money when we need to. There might not be another pound to replace the one you've spent if you spend it in the wrong place.

18. Find a guide - A mentor who has been there and done it is something you must have. They're experience and support can really accelerate your business. Plus, their networks will be full of useful contacts.

19. Don't focus on strategy, focus on execution - We have one meeting a month to work out strategy and the rest of the time we're out there getting stuff done. I know that all my team can execute and that's what's important.

20. Make mistakes but don't f*** up - Make mistakes, learn from them but don't f*** up. By that I mean don't do anything so bad that you can't forgive yourself. If you can't then no one else will.

21. Celebrate the challenges - If we wanted the easy life then we wouldn't be doing what we're doing right? We would still have the nice cushy job and be picking up that pay cheque every month. If you're facing challenges then celebrate them. They're part of the fun and when you overcome them there's no better feeling.

22. Tell a good story - You need to promote your startup and share what you're doing. Learn to tell a good story, take part in pitching workshops. This needs to be your bread and butter if you every want to truly succeed.

23. Have fun every day - Cause you're not doing this for money right? You're doing it to have a better life and make something awesome. If you're not having fun then close the doors and go do something that you enjoy. You've only got one life, don't waste it!

That's the 23 things I've learnt in 2012 from founding my first real startup. I hope in 2013 a few of them help you out and if not Jason has 90 more for you!

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Published on: 14th January 2013

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