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100 million water filter cartridges go to landfills

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Phox Water

Scottish startup Phox Water saw that 100 million water filter cartridges go to landfills every year. This is their simple solution.

phox water picWe’ve written already about startups tackling the world’s problem with plastics. From replacing packing material, to breaking plastic down into reusable chemicals, to turning it into aggregate for building, startups are taking on this huge waste issue with aplomb, which is a word we thought should be used more.

A ridiculous 90% of all plastic ever created has not been recycled. There are 2 obvious ways to tackle Earth’s enormous amount of plastic waste: do something with it post-consumer rather than throwing it in the ocean or landfills, or use less of it in the first place. This has to start somewhere, so why not...water filters?

Scottish startup Phox Water saw that 100 million - 100,000,000 - water filter cartridges go to landfills every year which, as their intro video says, is enough to fill 50 jumbo jets. Their simple solution is to replace these ‘disposable’ cartridges with something refillable.

phox water screenThe Phox water jug, made with recycled, food-safe, BPA-free plastic and glass, works pretty much the same as any other, except that when the filter is used up, you open it up and throw away the eco-friendly contents. Then you simply tear open the paper sachets containing the refill substances and pour them in.

The first layer consists of non-woven fabrics which remove any remaining solid substances like rust, mud or soil from the water. The second layer is alkaline mineral balls to enhance the pH level of the water. The third layer is a NSF-certified activated carbon layer which absorbs the chlorine and eliminates heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, and odour.. The fourth layer is NSF-certified ION exchange resins that adjust the calcium and magnesium content which softens the water. The final layer is filled with FIR ceramic balls to increase the oxygen content of the water, add some trace minerals, and remove bacteria.

Phox’s V2 pitcher was funding on Kickstarter and Indiegogo in just 34 hours for $58,884 and $67,494 respectively, far exceeding their goal. And for good reason. Knowing that your water is that much healthier and is preventing further damage to the environment can only leave a good taste in your mouth!

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Published on: 30th June 2019

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