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Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year

by Startacus Admin

Since 1986, Ernst & Young have been running a programme aimed at finding their ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’. Having started initially in the US, the programme now runs in more than 140 cities across the globe and is regarded as one of the most important and high profile events of that ilk.

Entrepreneurs ernstfrom every business sector or discipline can apply - whether they work in a small private family owned business or a social enterprise. This programme is more about finding an individual who displays real passion and vision and who is willing to take risks to drive their business towards success, as opposed to simply an individual from a specific market or industry niche.

There is now an open call for entries with applications being accepted in the UK until 8th March 2013 and in Ireland until 31st March 2013. The UK programme starts at a regional level with regional finalists being announced in April 2013. The regional winners will then progress to UK finals with the winner of that then going forward for the World Entrepreneur of the Year award. In Ireland a shortlist of 24 finalists will be announced in May 2013 with the overall Irish winner being announced in October 2013.

Of course even if you’re unsuccessful with your application, by entering alone you’re sure to reap some benefits - whether it’s helping you review or refine your business strategy or opening new networking opportunities, so it’d certainly be worthwhile.

The good thing about these awards also is the fact that you can nominate an entrepreneur who you feel would be deserved of the title, should you perhaps not be quite at that stage yourself just yet.

For UK based entrepreneurs full details of applying and nominating can be found on the Ernst & Young site and for those based in Ireland, further details can be found by clicking here.

If you do decide to apply, best of luck! Here at Startacus, we’re rooting for ya!

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Published on: 28th January 2013

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